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There’s nothing as parents, that make us more proud than when our doggies stand out in the crowd from the rest of the dogs.  It’s awesome that we have so many amazing opportunities now to give our dogs there own stylish identity. We can get as sophisticated and cool as we want when we get personalized dog collars for them.

personalized dog collars
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Nobody wants to go to the dog park and have a dog come up with the exact same collar as your dog. NOOOO….Then it becomes a red carpet affair of WHO WORE IT BEST!…..not cool.

Luckily, we live in an era where we never have to encounter that scenario.



Leather, embroidered, cotton/poly blend

I know, my mind is blown. Who knew there was so many variations to chose from.

You thinking leather? HAHA! Maybe your dog really does look fabulous in leather, or instead you decide on a jazzy embroidered one. Better yet how about a light up one? I know its unreal.


Baby Labradoodle


To be honest I’m only scratching the surface here.   There are reflective ones, studded ones, waterproof and even figure eight stitched ones.

There is a ton of options to fit every dog and every style.


Narrow or thick

Deciding on the width of the collar is another part of the choice that’s out there when it comes to all of these unique collars.

For some dogs, the width of the collar is sometimes an easy pick.   The decision may easily be made just based on the dogs size or body type. Sometimes it will boil down to the size of the dogs neck.

More than likely you aren’t going to put a super thick leather collar on your Chihuahua.   That choice may more likely go to your Rottweiler or Shepard.

Your Chihuahua on the other hand, is more likely get a better fit with the small narrow style of collars.   That way it sits better on the smaller neck of the dog.

I know even for myself, having 1 big dog and 1 small dog, the choice of collars for both of them is completely different.

It’s like shopping for 2 different people.   They certainly do not have the same style or the same needs.


Designs or pattern

When it comes to picking the collar we can also decide what kind of backdrop or pattern we want on the collar.

A few of the patterns I like are: Canada flag, happy faces, flowers, outdoor ones like bears or sea turtles.

They are all just so cute it is really hard to pick.

There is even military camouflage ones, that will make your dog look ready for battle.

Now maybe you are more of a simple solid color kind of person.   That of course, does exist too.

You don’t have to go camo crazy, but it certainly gives you anything you can think of as far as individual character and pizzazz to chose from.

Sometimes it’s great to have a more than one collar that you can interchange through the year.

Seasonal collars can be nice, like maybe an Xmas or Halloween one to make sure your dog look more festive. Just like us, you don’t want your dog to wear the same collar day after day, even year after year.   They should have a variety of collars in there closet.



Engraving, embroidering or a plate, which one looks best

Once we have selected the actual collar that works best for our pet, we now get the fun part of making it uniquely theirs.

Putting our dogs name can easily be personalized on the collar in maybe an embroidered one or just printed right on the nylon.

If that isn’t enough choices, you can get a collar that has a built in plate that you can engrave exactly what you want on it.

I always think it is important to have our phone number on our dog collar somewhere as well.   Yes we can buy a separate ID tag for the collar, but this can fall off or get lost.

To afford losing the tag, you can put the phone number right on the collar just like the name.   It can be put in different places, depending on the collar you have selected, so try to keep that in mind when making your choice.

Chose wisely, but also for killer fashion sense.

Dog collar

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My dog’s personality

I guess with all the choices we need to make, just to get a cool collar, it can sometimes seem overwhelming.

Try to match the collar with the dog.   What I mean by that is, if your dog is very active and likes to get into tight spots you may make your decision on what time of clasp the collar has or, or how sturdy it is.

If you have a princess at home, than by all means, choose her collar accordingly.   You may opt more for a delicate embroidered collar with her nickname on it.

Every dog has there own amazing personality, so try to tie into that when making your choice.

Let’s be honest some of the purchases we make are more for us than the dog.   That being said, I still believe that our dogs feed off of the feeling we project when we approach them with that brand new collar.

If we are super excited about it, generally they respond equally to that.

Now that you have all this fabulous information, its time to get out there and shop.   Let’s see what creative choice you can make for your dog.

Let’s be honest, there is not wrong choice here.   It’s just tapping into our dog’s inner sense of style.

Happy Shopping Dog Lovers!



10 thoughts on “Personalized Dog Collars | You Say What”

  1. Dog collars is something that I always struggle to find the right ones for my dog. 

    One of my dogs, in particular, have a narrow head. Her neck is thicker than her head so it makes it easier for her to slip out of it. 

    I’ve had some pretty interesting situations where she’s slipped out of it and I’ve had to chase her down the road. Would you recommend a thick or thin collar for her? 

    She’s part collie and part chow so another factor is her thick fur. I can’t put it too tight because she’s got the thickest fur!

    • Hi Marlinda,

      I have always struggled to find the right collars for my dog. It seems like they don’t offer a great selection as far as different styles, when you heat to the pet store.

      Honestly your dog getting out of her collar and escaping, is my worst fear. I can’t imagine losing my dog. For your dog,

      Personally for me, with a bit bigger dog, I always head towards the wider collar.  I feel like the thin collars, just aren’t sturdy enough to handle the pull of a bigger dog. With her thicker fur I understand it is a bit tough to go to tight, but as long as you can’t pull her head off, it’s tight enough. I sort of use the 2 finger rule. If I can get 2 fingers under the collar, its good.

      I hope I helped you out a bit. Let me know if you need a hand with anything, I would love to provide more help if I can.

      Thank you for your story.


  2. Hi Coralie:

    I’m so glad I found your site. I love all things doggie!

    It’s so great to see a decked out dog and I know a stylish collar is part of the package. 

    A name plate is a nice touch. I also like the idea of the collar being visible at night.

    Baby Finn looks like a real cutie! I take it he’s your dog?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Christopher,

      I really appreciate your feedback on my post.  Yes Finn is my Doodle, and he is amazing. Really the sweetest dog I have ever seen. Of course I am not bias at all. HAHA.

      For night or evening walking, I agree with you, that the light up collar is a must.  God for bid, our dog gets away from us, hopefully we would have a fighting chance of at least seeing the collar.

      Thank you again for sharing your dog stories.  I honestly love hearing from people, about their own dog experiences.


  3. Wow it would be nice to have a customized collar for my dog. I will be sure to share this information with all my dog-lover friends. I think a camouflage will really suit my dog and it will definitely make him looks way cooler. Thank you for letting us know about such product. I can’t wait to let my dog rock his new collar.

    • Hi Jayden,

      That is so funny, as the camo dog collar one is my very favourite collars. It is rugged looking, yet still flashy and stylish. Non-dog owners sometimes think it is funny the lengths we will go to give our dog’s the best. But it really is true.

      Thank you for your comments and for passing my website to your dog-lover friends.


  4. Cute post. I love reading about animals. In your opinion when looking at collars are there some brands/types that are better than others in terms of comfort? I don’t have a dog, but very well might in the near future and this is one of the things I have been thinking about. Thanks for the information!

    • Hi Lindsey,

      I really appreciate your comments on my post. Collars are always such a tough thing for every different dog. People think any collar will do. Once people get dogs, they then realize it can be kind of an oddly agonizing issue.

      You are so right, that a collar is a collar, really isn’t true. Best of luck in your future dog purchase. For me it was the best decision I ever made.

      Thank you



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