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When it comes to dog food, things sure have changed.  Back in the old days, there was just a dry kibble made of left-overs scraps from food manufacturers.  Literally when you looked at the package, you were wondering if there was actually any real meat in it.

Pet Plate reviews
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BOY have things changed!

Now we have more dog food choices then we could ever imagine.  Yes kibble is still a popular item when it comes to buying dog food, but we have gone far beyond just that as a choice for your dog.

When it comes to choosing an alternatives to commercial kibble, the sky really is the limit.

You could choose a raw dog food diet, air dried dog, food, freeze-dried dog food and last but not least Homemade dog food.

Well today I want to share my Pet Plate Reviews, which is about an amazing company that delivers Homemade dog food right to your door.  This dog food is human-grade dog food.  Truly it looks just like a plate of food that we would eat.


Before 2016 Renaldo Webb was working as a pet food consultant in the pet food industry.  After watching the production of dry kibble and the inferior ingredients that went into the food, he was appalled.

At the time, he was also in the market for dog food for his dog Winston.  When he realized what little choices he had, decided to start his own dog food company.  He wanted to create food that included healthy fresh ingredients for dogs.

Pet Plate was officially started in 2016.  Renaldo started the business just in New York with about 100 customers.  At that point, he decided to go on Shark Tank to pitch the ideas to the Sharks.

He said that the reason for going on the show was to get as much feedback about his budding business idea as he could.  He believed whole heartedly that he had a $100M dollar business on his hands.  His hope was that they could help him get the business out there and help him with the marketing of it.

Unfortunately he walked away from Shark Tank without a landing a deal, but he didn’t let that stop him.

By simply being on the show, Renaldo’s business quickly took off.  The business had to scale up their operations to handle the increased demand.  Not long after the show, they were shipping 100’s of boxes out to all over Canada.

What makes them different

Renaldo’s goal in creating Pet Plate, was to offer dog parents the ability to provide real dog food made with fresh ingredients to their pets.

His first step was to move into a commercial style kitchen and to start coming up with good dog food formulas.  At this time, he decided to partn up with Veterinarian Dr. Renee Streeter  who is a nutrionist to help assist him with creating these recipes.

He wanted his recipes to include high-quality ingredients that include the right amount of vitamins and minerals that are needed for our dogs.   All Pet Plates recipes include no filler of any kind as well as absolutely no preservatives.

The food is made using all these wonderful healthy ingredients and then frozen.   Once it is frozen, it is then put in an insulated cardboard box with dry ice on the bottom and shipped out to the customer.

Meal choices

The food recipes come in 4 different options.

  • Chompin’ Chicken
  • Barkin’ Beef
  • Tail Waggin’ Turkey
  • Lip Lickin’ Lamb

The Chomin’ Chicken meal is made for dogs that have a more sensitive stomach and maybe a bit thick around the midsection.  LOL!!  Its main ingredients include: Ground chicken, sweet potatoes, chicken liver, broccoli, butternut squash, and apples.  There is also vitamins and minerals include in this meal.

Barkin’ Beef is a recipe that is good for even the fussiest of dogs.  The main ingredients include: Ground beef, sweet potatoes, beef liver, carrots, apples, green peas and pumpkin.

Tail Waggin’ Turkey is a recipe they like to call “thanksgiving in a bowl”.  They claim that it is as good as all the fixings from your thanksgiving meal.  The main ingredients of this recipe are: Ground turkey, brown rice, turkey liver, carrots, apples and pumpkin.

Last but not least is the Lip Lickin’ Lamb.  This meal is great for dogs that don’t do well with other protein sources and need a tad more energy.  If your dog is itchy, this recipe is good for that as well providing a much shiner coat. Ingredients included are: Ground Lamb, sweet potatotes, quinoa, lamb livers, apples, and broccoli.

All 4 recipes also include a list of important vitamins and minerals to make dishes super healthy.

Pros and cons

When it comes to doing a review, I always like to provide a list of pro’s and cons to make it that much easier to see the good and bad of a product.  So here we go:

100% money back guaranteePlastic that contains dry ice is not recyclable
Awesome customer serviceIs more expensive then dry dog food kibble
Free shippingDon’t have specific recipes for health issues
Auto shipping you can pause, skip, or cancel at anytime
Made in the USA
2 different pet food subscription plans
Great variety with 4 different meat choices
No fillers or preservatives
Human-grade all natural ingredients

As you can see from my list above, there are way more Pros then Cons when it comes to this product.

Big Finale

The one thing that I haven’t talked about in my Pet Plate Review is the price. In order to get an exact price on the cost of the food, you need to log on to the website and create a profile for your dog.

Once on the website, you hit the “Start Now” button which leads you to the start of the profile. They start by asking your dog’s name, breed, age and exact birthday. Next they ask your pets current weight and what their ideal weight should be. They even ask about your dog’s waistline and how activity level. You can choose between the 3 levels of activity or exercise from daily walks, to very active, all the way up to Olympian status.

They then ask what choice of meat that you want to give your dog. At that point they come up with a meal plan for you and give you the actual price.

The price basically boils down to $1.50 per day with free shipping. On top of the 4 meal choices, they also offer meal topper plans that are smaller in size. This way you can keep the costs a bit lower because you decide how much topper you are going to give your dog.

pet plate review

Well dog parents, that concludes my review. I hope you enjoyed reading my post on Pet Plate Reviews. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and comments below.


Pet Plate

1.50 per day

Overall Product







  • Much healthier choice
  • 4 great meat choices
  • Delivered to your door


  • More expensive
  • Not all packaging recylcable

14 thoughts on “Pet Plate Reviews | Right To Your Door”

  1. Thanks for sharing such an informative article with us. I have a puppy for which I bring dog foods from stores and also give her homemade food. Making homemade for her is really time consuming as I am working person. 

    After reading your article I am feeling relieved. I can order variety types of foods for her. I appreciate the service you are providing for the pet loving people like us. I would definitely order from Pet Plate. I would like to share your article in my social media so that others would be able to know about Pet Plate and their services also. 

    • Hello,

      It is exciting that you found such joy in reading my post.  You are so right, that as a working person, it is really hard to provide our dogs with the best possible food.  We all wish we had the time to cook and make them food everyday, but unfortunately there just isn’t enough time. 

      Thank you for wanting to share my post on your social media, I really appreciate it .

      I hope you order your pup some of this awesome food, and I am sure that your dog will reward you with a mountain of love.  They go crazy for this food.  I guess who can blame then, eating dry crunchy kibble doesn’t seem that great.  

      Thanks for sharing. 


  2. Things have changed with buying dog food is a understatement!!!  I had a dog about 15 years ago and you hardly heard a thing about it.  The only thing I knew about was to check what the first ingredient was that is listed.  If it was a mean like chicken or beef, then you had a good dog food.  

    These days it seems as if these dog food brands might be better for you than what people are eating, or that’s how they are marketing it.  I can see why though.  I loved my dog and they give unconditional love.  He was definitely a family member!

    • Hi Thomas,

      Yes dog food has changed so much in the past 10 years it is truly unbelievable. I also had other dogs 20 plus years ago and you are right you just went to the store bought the food and never really worried what was in it. 

      Now with Pet Plate, you can actually give your dog human-grade food that you can keep in the fridge.  Dogs everywhere are licking their lips. 

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on my post.  


  3. This is what I am looking for, a home delivery dog food. My grandma is living on her own and this is not a time for her to go out shopping for dog food.

    Pet Plate will be a good choice for her dogs. There has a variety of food that I am sure my grandma’s dog will love them.

    I will go to the website, order the food and shipped to my grandma.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Christine,

      I am so glad that you found what you were looking for in my post.  Yes it is so easy to order, just click on the 30% off link on my post and you will get a discount.  

      Because of the situation we are currently in, many people don’t want to go out to get their pet food.  Me included.  This is a great alternative to having to leave your house.  The other amazing thing is that the quality of the food is really second to none. 

      I hope your grandmas dog enjoys the food. 

      Thanks for your comments on my post. 


  4. Hi There,

    I think the whole point of selling more variety of dog food is a great Idea and of course there is the healthy aspect of our pets been well looked after. 

    Back in the day we used to feed our dogs tripe but it really did make them fart a lot and it wasn’t so good although they loved it and was said at the time to be healthy.

    I enjoyed reading your dog food article and I do believe our dogs need a variation of dog food because they must get bored of just the same every day.


    • Hi Steve,

      You are completely right, that our dogs must get so bored eating the same food every single day.. Not to mention that it doesn’t even smell or look that delicious.  Pet Plates food actually looks like real food.

      We all know that our dogs want to eat our plate of food if they could.  Unfortunately human food isn’t great for dogs unless they are made correctly with the proper vitamins and minerals they need.  

      I appreciate your thoughts on my post, so thank you. 


  5. Hi

    This is an interesting review of Pet Plate and I can understand the frustration that the owner had over the state of meals for dogs. It seems that the ingredients have been well thought out so that one of the four meals should appeal to the dog in question unless he or she turns the nose up at everything. It is good that the delivery to the door, which will take a lot of worry about running out when you can order well in advance. 

    The name looks a bit too gimmick for my liking and I bet most dogs will eat what is in front of them, no matter what it is called. It may be difficult for dog owners on a budget so they may have to look at more economical meals, but it looks good for those that can afford them.

    Limiting your dog to 4 meals may be stretching it a bit, but I envisaged that they will be increasing the range in the future.

    A great review that any dog lover will not want to miss out.



    • Hi Antonio,

      Thank you for sharing your ideas and thoughts on my latest post.

      I myself had a very fussy dog a few years ago, that wasn’t great at eating his kibble.  Not to mention that he had a ton of allergies.  He passed away last year, but I wish I would have found this company for him, I know he would have loved it. 

      Yes they currently offer 4 meals choices, which may not seem like a lot, but think that most dogs eat the same food every single day. 

      Thank you.


  6. Greeetings!  What an excellent review providing excellent value!  We are pet owners and always want to provide the very best in everything for our pets. 

    I have not heard of Pet Plate until reading from your post.  I was really interested in learning more so I clicked on the link at the bottom of your post… 30% savings was a really great incentive to click on it.  Their website is amazing!  You even get to create a profile for your pet.  I am looking forward to following through and trying out the meals.  

    Thank you for providing such an in depth review!

    • Hi Patrick,

      That is such great news that you decided to check out their site.  I also love their site.  They make it kind of fun, the way you get to create a pet profile for your dog.  This way they get a good idea about where you want your pet to be weight wise and then help you pick the best plan to get you there. 

      The idea is truly genius.  I love that the food is actual food.  Our poor dogs that eat the same dry kibble everyday, it must be so boring.  I guess that is why they always want to try to take our food all the time.  Who can blame them. 

      Thanks for sharing and for checking out their site.  If you do decide to jump in and try it, I would love to hear your thoughts.


  7. This is a great and amazing article. i sincerely appreciate your effort taking time to write such an informative article. This has taught me a lot more on pet plate reviews. you are so correct. It is true back in the old days, there was just a dry kibble made of left-overs scraps from food manufacturers. Thanks for sharing this amazing article.

    • Hello,

      I love hearing such wonderful comments on my post. I totally agree, that not that long ago, the dog food market, really didn’t put much effort into providing options for dogs.

      It is great that the dog food industry has done a complete 360.  Pet Plate is just another example of a company that strives to provide such healthy dog food.

      Thank you for being a part of my post. 



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