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WHAT IS IT?:    Interactive Dog Toy

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What does is take to keep your dog happy, active and engaged.  How about the PupPod Rocker toy?

Dogs just like people need to actively be using their brains to continue to grow and develop.  One of the great ways to do this is to get your dog playing and doing interactive activities.

By using interactive games and toys they allow your dog to effectively have a job.  Dogs that have jobs and a purpose tend to be happier and can achieve amazing things.


PupPod Rocker toy
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One of the most innovative and exciting toys I have found is called PupPod Rocker and Feeder.

This awesome pair of the rocker toy and feeder is what makes this special toy.

Who’s the creative genius

Erick Eidus who is the creator came up with the idea after watching his own dog Puccini.  His own dog loved to watch TV.   He found that his dog was fascinated with all the sounds and images.

He realized his dog was smart enough to bark when he saw a dog on TV.   Eric also realized his dog could even differentiate between a cartoon dog and other cartoon characters.

Having an extensive tech background that includes being a part of building the first smartphone, Erick decided to see what he could come up with.   He wanted to take his expertise and design his own interactive toy.

First thing Erick did was look into research that shows how dogs learn.  He found all the positives things that come from keeping your dogs mind in a very engaging way.

While doing his research, he also found that when you look back in history on how dogs became domesticated, you find, that dogs helped humans do many jobs.  Dogs that have jobs tend to thrive much more than a dog that doesn’t.  It can also keep their mind sharp into their senior years.   A dog that is bored, can very often develop behavioral issues.

Taking his knowledge and tried to put himself in Puccini’s mind.   If my dog could create a toy for learning and development, what would it look like.

After all the research and technology Erick had, PupPod was born.



The Rocker Toy

This very cool toy for your dog, is a positive reinforcement high-tech, multi puzzle oriented game that is completely interactive.  It uses a software platform that is used to create high tech dog products.

Using sound, light and pure timing the puzzles get harder every time your dog figures out and solves one puzzle.

To play with the toy, your dog must figure out when to touch the toy.  Using Bluetooth and a smart phone app the app will cue you to give your dog a treat from the feeder.  When the toy makes a sound or lights up, your dog will respond by touching the toy with his paw, nose or body.  Once your dog touches the toy, the app then notifies you that your dog has completed that puzzle.  The feeder would then reward your dog by dispensing a treat or kibble.

You can continue to increase the difficulty of the game using the app.  Every puzzle gets harder and harder.  The feeder is also equipped with video, so that you can actively in real time watch your dog play.   This is an excellent feature if you are using the toy while you are at work.

A toy like this will also prevent your dog from becoming bored.  They can also benefit from using this toy because they learn to :

  • to touch the toy on cue
  • differentiate between cues
  • to understand which action gets them a reward
  • better impulse control
  • problem solving skills
  • help with anxiety
  • turn mealtime into an activity
  • actively builds up their concentration level

PupPod Rocker & Feeder

Us pet parents use our smart phone to control the toy and also get progress updates.

This toy is excellent fit for senior dogs, blind dogs or a dog recovering from an injury.  The toy is low impact and a fun way to get all dogs moving.

The app

When you buy this toy feeder combo, it comes with the toy and the feeder.   To use the toy and feeder, you need to download the app, that is IOS and Android phone compatible.

Once the app is downloaded, you can control the toy from where ever you are.  Whether you are at work or at home.

Within the app you can control the toys difficulty level, time between the sound and change up the pattern of how the toy moves.  This will keep your dog on their toes.

If your pet actively solves the puzzle they are working on, they will automatically be given a treat or you could even use their kibble as the reward.   You can track your dog’s success rate and how many treats your dog has won.

With this app you can also turn meal time in to a mental and physical activity.  Actively teaching your dog patience, and how to use their mind to complete a task.  It will even send out sounds that your dog is not suppose to respond to like a cat meowing.  If your dog responds by touching the toy at this point, no treat is dispensed.  This is perfect for making your dog really think about what sounds they are hearing and when to response to get rewarded with a treat.

It may also help your dog eat much slower, so if you have a dog that really likes to gorge their food down without breathing this can aid in slowing down that entire eating event.

Your dog will have to remain focused on what is coming next and can help them with impulse control.  You can increase the difficulty level which will keep your dog constantly waiting for the next puzzle.


puppod rocker app


A dog that maybe struggling with bad behaviour, using an active toy that is so interactive, can really help curb that bad behaviour.   Well all know that a dog that is a bit out of control and not great at listening and responding to you isn’t ideal.   Being able to keep them really focused on the puzzle will slow them right down and teach them how to behave correctly.

Over the continual use of this toy over a few months, you will see a change in your dogs behaviour.  They will be much calmer and really a much happier and healthy dog.

Other PupPod goodies

There are also some other cool items that you can purchase from the company’s website.   You can purchase a very cool dog bandanna that comes in a nice blue color with a picture of the toy on it.


All Products – PupPod –


Even if you wanted something for yourself, you could purchase a nice looking unisex t-shirt in three different color choices: black, blue or white.   It comes in XS, S, M, L, and XL. sizes to choose from.




In 2017 PupPod won the Innovation Award at the 2017 KC Animal Health Corridor Investment Forum.  This was the first time that they participated in this distinguished event.

They were among 18 innovative early-stage businesses in animal health and nutrition industry.  What a great reward to be given as an innovative company.  Winning the award also really helped build the PupPod brand with other investors.

There are an amazing amount of reviews of this toy, from vets like Dr. Roger Mugford who is the founder of The Company of Animals.  Dr. Mugford in 2019 is a part of the new seed investor for PupPod.  This new money will be used to produce the next generation of products.  He also is now also a strategic adviser with the company.


PupPod Smart Dog Toy and Training Game – Mozilla F


Dr. Mugford has spent 50 years dedicating himself to focusing on innovative products that will enhance the lives of dogs. After learning about this product, he realized how much his career and PupPod aligned perfectly and decided to be a part of the team.  He believes that this product will disrupt the pet industry and just couldn’t imagine not being a part of it.

They are also some other great ways that using this toy can help your dog.  One of the latest ideas is to use it to assist with the crate training of your dog.   By tackling crate training one hour at a time, if you incorporate the positive reinforcement of this toy with being in the crate with the door open, your dog will associate it with being happy and rewarded.

Whether you purchase this for crate training, behavior issues, or just to give your dog a job.  This is an incredible interactive way to really challenge your dog mentally.  You will not be disappointed with the positive changes you will see from your dog.



I hope that you enjoyed my review of the PupPod Rocker and Feeder interactive dog toy.  I would love to hear your thoughts and comments below.




Overall Product







  • Keeps dog active
  • Mental Stimulation
  • Helps with anxiety


  • Patience to teach your dog
  • Need an smartphone

15 thoughts on “PupPod | An Amazing Interactive Dog Toy”

  1. An amazing post Coralie.  Not only about the interactive toy itself but the history behind the invention of it by Erick Eidus.  It is nice to know of the concern shown to our dog which can be just like part of the family.  With this interactive toy keeping our dog alert and the many benefits that comes to our dog, we are looking forward to a much happier and healthier Cavalier.  This is a great find!

    • Hi Mike,

      I am so glad that you enjoyed my post and thank you for your fabulous feedback.  I think that showing the history of the inventor of a product shows the passion and effort that they put into making it. 

      You have a Cavalier pup? Wow you are so lucky, I really love them.  I am excited for you and your dog to get this toy, so best of luck.


  2. I agree that dogs should be trained as early as its puppy years. However it seems that Pup pod can make up for the lost years of training through its innovative and interactive learning. What I like best among its benefits is acquiring good behavior and discipline as they go on with different levels. Dogs are adorable even at their naughtiest but as an owner, we also have to be responsible to instill them the best behavior. This advance interactive toy aids the owners to keep their pets busy even in hours. I watched the video and I was amazed at how a dog can keep itself from getting bored which if not addressed properly can lead to misbehaving. Thanks for sharing this amazing toy. Even our pets can enjoy interactive toys nowadays. Last question, I know that Pup pod is especially created for dogs but do you think it can also be enjoyed by kitties? 

    • Hi MissusB,

      We are all guilty of loving our dogs, whether they are good or bad, but you are so right that we need to teach them how to behave.  A bad dog, is more times than not due to an owner that hasn’t been great at disciplining them. 

      The different levels of this toy really can continue to challenge your dog at every level.  To answer your question about using it for Kitties, I say absolutely.  My brother had a cat that loved to fetch like a dog.  I say why not give it a try. 

      I really appreciate your comments on my post.  Thank you


  3. Dear Coralie,

    Nice article! I really enjoyed the content and in the manner that you presented.

    Turn meal time into an activity is awesome. Really amazed at the numerous benefits of PupPod and the video you embedded is helpful. Hats off to Erick Eidus for creating this amazing toy. After reading your article I realized PupPod will be the best gift I can give to our dog.

    PupPod and Pet Tutor Bundle will be the best combination. To be honest the price of PupPod and Pet Tutor Bundle is bit expensive since I am on a budget I will go with PupPod first.

    This was very insightful and I can tell you I have taken some great insights from this post.

    Much Success!


    • Hello Paul,

      Thank you for you great feedback and comments on my post.

      I completely agree with you, that using PupPod to help with meal time and making sure your dog eats at a nice slow pace, is one of my favourite things about this toy as well. 

      The beauty of this product is that the PupPod does stands alone, and you don’t have to purchase the Pet Tutor Bundle, so great idea.

      I am really glad that you found some exciting things in my post, I really want to help people with their dogs by providing positive information that can help.

      Thank you very much Paul.


  4. Hey Coralie! So I have a big challenge for PupPod. See, I have a Great Dane, Frida. She is an albino Dane. She is almost 5 years old. 

    And she is also nearly blind. 

    Which she makes up with her amazing hearing and smelling senses.

     Do you think PupPod would work for her? 

    I saw on the video and it made me think this could work since there is sound (from the PupPod) and smell (from the treats) that would stimulate her and make it fun. 

    Now, don’t you worry about Frida. Blind as she is, she’s a happy, healthy Dane and loves to rump in the garden (which she knows very well!). Dogs are incredible, right? 

    Anyway, just wondering if this great toy could be a good fit for her. Thanks for a great review. Good work. 

    P.S. I saw your website on Jay’s last Hot Seat…loved it! 

    • Hi Luis,

      OMG Great Dane’s are my dream dog.  And her name is Frida…..I love it!

      I would say poor girl, but it sure sounds like she doesn’t need any sympathy.  I agree, dogs continue to amaze me everyday. 

      Now for Frida your question about using PupPod for her.  I would say that because it is sound and light based that she should be fine to use it with her extraordinary nose. LOL!

      Thank you for sharing your amazing dog family with me.  I love to hear stories from fellow dog lovers.  If you do decide to buy her this toy, I would love to hear how it works for her.

      Thanks again Luis,

      Best of luck Coralie 

    • Hi Coralie. This is Erick from PupPod.
      Check out this blog post: https://puppod.com/blind-dogs-need-smart-toys/
      We have multiple customers using PupPod with blind dogs. I’ve personally see multiple blind dogs pick up the game (many quite quickly). If you get the Pet Tutor, it also makes a sound so your blind dog will “hear” the positive reinforcement that they earned a reward. If you toss treats, I recommend tossing them on something that will make a “ping” noise, such as a cookie sheet or piece of cardboard. Keep the treats close to the toy in the beginning. If you get one, I’d love to do a story about your Frida on puppod.com.

  5. Hello Coralie,

    I may not have a dog now but I do understand the importance of an active lifestyle. Our canine friends need to be up and about.

    It is a good exercise for us to take our dogs out to jog or walk. But we can’t be doing that for hours, can we? Having an interactive dog toy will be great when at home.

    Will share this with my neighbours and friends who love dogs.

    Good recommendation!


  6. Hey there Coralie. I really enjoyed reading your review on PupPod dog toy. I have been searching the internet for fun toys for my dog Loco to stay entertained over the summer and when Im not home.

    I never realized before there were such cool toys for dogs that really challenge their mind. I love the idea and after reading your review I am gonna purchase this toy for him and give it a try. Thank you so much for sharing this well detailed review. 

    • Hello Roxy,

      I am excited that you enjoyed my review.  I really enjoy doing them and I am with you, I am always on the look out for toys that allow our dogs to really think about what they are doing.  Just like humans, dogs need to use their brain to remain sharp and challenged.

      Thank you for sharing your story about Loco and the wonderful comments.  Enjoy the summer you two.



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