RC Pet Harness | Moto Control Model Review

Not all harnesses are created equal.  The RC Pet Harness is one of the good guys. LOL!  When you are choosing a harness to buy for your dog, buying the first one you see isn’t the best idea.

RC Pet harness
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Make sure you know exactly what you really need the harness for.  Does it need to serve more than one purpose?  This is an important question that you need to know the answer to.

A good harness is made to protect and keep your dog safe.  Some harnesses are used for walking, while others also are made to serve 2 purposes like to be used in the car as a seat belt.

I purchased this harness for my puppy FERGUS the Doodle to use as a harness seat belt combo.  The harness I chose is called the Moto Control Model.

I love this harness so much, I decided to share my love with all of you.  Here is my review of the RC Pet Harness the Moto Control model.  I hope you enjoy it.

Who is RC Pet

When I find products that I like, I always want to know exactly who the company is that I am giving my money too. Where are they located, how did they get started etc.

RC Pet was started by a Canadian snowboarder from Whistler, British Columbia.  His name is Rory Carr.  He originally started his business in 1986 by selling ski and snow board gear.

RC Pet seat belt harness

It all took a different turn when he mistakenly ordered 10,000 yards of webbing instead of 100 yards.  Now that he had all this extra product he realized that the extra webbing would actually make great leashes and collars for dogs.

After a long road he managed to break into the pet market and by 1995 he was officially in the pet industry.  He called his business RC Pets.  Easy enough name to come up with by simply using his initials as the business name.

RC Pets is committed to using innovation and technology to provide the best products for our fur babies.  The company believes that by designing products of great quality that they have created a brand that people trust and love.  Nobody knows better how important dogs are to our families and lives than RC Pets.

When it comes to companies, buying from someone that has a passion for pets, always gets a yes in my book.

Why a harness/seat belt

When we take our dog’s outside, we need to have them on a collar or harness connected to a leash so they don’t run away.  This protects them from danger and from having a lost dog.

Well the same thing needs to happen when we travel with our dogs in the car.  Distracted driving is a huge problem with us using our cell phones, but the same thing can apply to having a dog loose in the backseat.  It is super dangerous for the dog and for us the driver.

If your dog is loose in the backseat, one quick petal on the brake can send your dog flying dangerously.  There is nothing to protect them becoming injured and terrified.  Nothing can make a dog develop anxiety faster than becoming scared of traveling in the car.  That’s why it is so important to make sure that they always feel safe and secure.

RC Pet L harness

There are people that say well if I have a small dog, nothing will happen to them.  You may even allow them to roam free in the front seat.  Just like the law not allowing a child below a certain weight to ride in front, dogs is the same. There are serious risks from the air bags.  The air bag alone can kill or seriously injure your dog.

The best way to protect your dog is to have them safely strapped into a seat belt.  Surprisingly a dog can be quite content to ride in a car with their seat belt if you start early with them and consistently.  Make it so every time they go into the car they put their seat belt on, just like us.


There are many things that I love about this harness, so I am going to go through them one by one.

  • The sharp look of the harness will catch your eye right away
  • Made with an amazing air mesh fabric that makes is breathable as well as comfortable
  • 2-way leash attachment for varying control
  • Back handle used for control of your dog
  • Aluminum D-ring
  • Sturdy seat belt loop attachment
  • Reflective stitching for low light safety
  • 4 point that can be adjusted for the proper fit
  • Designed with padding and smooth edges to avoid any chaffing
  • Excellent non choking harness

The harness comes in 3 different two-tone colors.  Red/Purple, Yellow/Blue and Black/Grey.  All 3 color choices have one color as the main color and the 2nd color is used as an accent color.

It comes in varying sizes, that allows you to use your dog’s exact measurements like their girth and weight to find the proper size.  See the guide below.

Harness guidelines

Use all your dog’s measurements and match it to the best size.  For my dog FERGUS, he was 20 lbs at the time we went to get his belt, so we chose a Medium size.  That way he still has room to grow into it.

The best feature of this harness is the ability for it to cover 2 different needs.  One is using it as a regular walking harness and the other is it can be used as a seat belt in your vehicle.  Really the best of both worlds.

Care and use

A really great thing about this harness is that there are no other attachments needed with this harness to convert it to a seat belt.  You simply take the over the shoulder seat belt in your vehicle and feed it through the back loop on the harness.  Then clip it into the other end of the car seat belt.

Your dog will then only have the ability to move a certain distance based on the allowable stretch the seat belt gives. There is enough give that they can lay down and move from side to side.

When we bought FERGUS this harness, he had never worn a harness before.  We were a bit concerned how putting it on him was going to go.

I made sure to have a treat in my hand and then slipped the harness over his head easily.  He was a real trooper. Then all you need to do is clip the buckle around their stomach and it is on.  I like to slide the buckle area down his body, just to make it more comfortable for him.

To clean and maintain your harness, simply click the buckle together and throw it in your washing machine.  You should use the delicate cycle just to protect it and wash in cold water.  Do not bleach and hang to dry.

Fergus seat belt harness
FERGUS in the Jeep

Safety, quality and cost

When we put the harness on FERGUS and snapped him in to the Jeep seat belt.  It took him a few minutes to settle down and realize how much he is able to move while strapped in.  He adjusted very quickly to his limitations and just sat there nicely.  After a bit, he just laid down and was fine.

We also made sure to bring a couple of his toys with him so that when he laid down, he is able to have something familiar with him.

Traveling with him strapped in the back, really makes me feel so much more relaxed and far less concerned about his safety back there.  If something does happens during the trip and I have to slam on the brakes he is safe and secure due to the limited movement he has.

Fergus RC Pet harness
FERGUS ready for a walk

The RC Pet harness is made with amazing quality and sturdiness.  The fabulous air breathing mesh fabric is second to none in quality.  Your dog will also look so sharp with it on and at the same time they will be as well protected as possible.

Purchasing this harness also won’t set you back that much.  It ranges in price from $38-$52, which is very reasonable.  Let’s be honest, you really can’t put a price on protecting your pup.

Like introducing anything new to your dog, it may take a while to get your dog used to wearing the harness.  You can help speed this process up by putting the harness on your dog while in the house to get them used to wearing it around.  Using treats as a way to make it a good experience is always a great idea.

Traveling with your pet, can sometimes mean that you are taking your dog out of the car and out shopping or out for an adventure.  The harness then stays on your dog while you are out and about which allows you to connect a leash while giving you easy handling.   You can purchase this harness from RCPet.com and many of your local pet stores.


I hope that you have enjoyed my review of the RC Pet harness.  I would love to hear your thoughts and comments below.

You can see from this post that caring about dog health and safety is important to us!

If it is important for you, I have some must read information for you.  Simply sign up below to get your own copy of Dog Health 5 Dog Diseases You Need To Know.


RC Pet Harness

$30 - $55

Overall Product







  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to put on


  • Can take a bit to get your dog used to it
  • Dog may out grow quickly

8 thoughts on “RC Pet Harness | Moto Control Model Review”

  1. Hello 

    You write an article about RC Pet Harness | Moto Control Model Review. I have a dog and I am searching for a good pet harness. Your article helps me to find this good product.  It looks very beautiful. The quality also looks good. The most important thing is the cheap price.

    Thanks a lot for posting this article. And keep posting. Good luck for the future. 

    Thank you

    • Hi Alam,

      I am excited to hear that you like the harness review and are considering it for your dog.  You won’t be disappointed with your purchase.

      Plus any dog wearing this harness looks absolutely adorable. Best of luck to you and thank you for sharing your thoughts on my harness review.


  2. Hello,

    I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. When I see a great product I know and the RC pet harness is great stuff.

    The comfort it gives while keeping the dog strapped in can be noticed. Even if it takes a little while for the adjustment, I believe safer is better.

    This is a great review.

    • Benny,

      I appreciate you sharing your comments and thoughts on my harness review.  This really is a great product and my FERGUS absolutely loves it.

      At first when I started shopping for a harness I just wanted a seat belt attachment to his collar.  Then I realized that connecting my dog to his collar isn’t the safest way to protect him.  I found this one and I right away was impressed just by the look and function of it.

      Thank you for sharing.


  3. Hey Coralie,

    The pet harness looks suitable for a dog like mine. But I never buy my dogs’ harness because I don’t like to look at them when they sweat, due to the hot tropical weather. 

    However, for the purpose of traveling, I think I will buy three for all of them as they love to drive out more than anything else. Do these harness come in various sizes?


    • Hi DorcasW,

      Yes these harness come in various sizes based on weight and girth.  I had a chart on the post that shows the exact measurements of each size.

      They are such a great seat belt, that yes you could just use it for traveling and not for walking.  FERGUS doesn’t always wear it when he walks, but I like the option of using it for either.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on my post.


  4. Hi Coralie

    It is good to get positive feedback  about products that they have personally used, as you will know what is good and what is not. We all love our dogs, we will do anything for our dogs and we want a harness that will fit comfortably  around our dogs. It is so important that you get the equipment right, otherwise you dog will not be pleased with you. It looks like a good harness belt combo, as like you I believe that it is important to be safe, as well as when you walk them. I do not like causing my dog pain of all sort

    The product you select looks good and  I believe my dog will like it, if it fits him of course as I have St Bernard’s. 



    • Hi Antonio,

      You are so right that whatever harness we decide to buy, that it is comfortable and adjustable for our dog. Otherwise they will hate wearing it and then you have a fight on your hand.

      Thank you for such supportive comments and sharing your thoughts on the product.  Fergus may not get as big as your St. Bernard, but he is going to be a fair size also.  I will be purchasing another harness once he gets full grown.

      Best of luck to you and your pooch.



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