Robot Dog Camera Review

When it comes to dog cameras, there a few amazing choices out there to choose from.   There is the Furbo Dog Camera and the Petcube Dog Camera.   Now these are great cameras, but I have something even better I want to share with you.  It is made by Skymee and is called the Owl Robot.  Yes robot…. now that I have your attention you need to keep reading to hear my robot dog cameras review.

robot dog camera toy screenshot
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This is certainly a dog camera unlike any other dog camera we have seen before.  There are some very cool things that make this camera unique and a camera worth taking a closer look at.

Owl Robot

The Owl Robot is a camera yes, like I said, but it is also used as a toy for your dog.   So the dual-purpose of this camera makes it unique from all the rest of the cameras on the market.  You can buy separate cameras, and individual robot like toys, but not all in one like this one.

This is a camera designed with the face of an Owl on the front of it.   Just looking at it you can see the eyes, nose and mouth clearly.  A very clever and cool looking design that is made out of ABS plastic in only one color, white.

robot dog camera picture


It is tube shaped with sides that are round wheels.that are trimmed with grey rubber.  These wheels allow it to roll around your floors very easy.  The eyes of the owl are actually 2 digital cameras that can take video or snap pictures. Above the nose is a where the collision sensor is located while the owl nose is where you will find the built in microphone.  The mouth is the slot where you can dispense treats from.

The tubes on the side are equipped with speakers on the size that are used as a way to communicate for us to our dogs.  This entire design initially catches your eye, just because it is so innovative and looks adorable.   It kind of reminds me of the face of a Gremlin.

Back pic of owl robot camera

On the back of the robot, is a USB port for charging and a memory card slot for inserting a card to record everything.  In the tail of the toy, there is a helping ball that is used so the toy can spin around with ease.


The Owl Robot is of course a camera, but let’s dive into all the other cool features.  One of the best features of this camera is the ability to move around your house, just like a robot.  You can manually operate the Owl by remote control by using the app, or by putting it on auto play.  This function is one of the most unique things about this Owl Robot camera.

Here is a list of other amazing features:

  • Full 1080p HD Camera including Night Vision for video and pictures
  • 8 infrared lights
  • 4x zoom – gives high quality picture
  • Treat tossing dispensing – use the remote control to dispense the treats
  • 2-way audio – allows you to talk to your dog and he can instantly hear you
  • Motion detection – that will notify you when your dog moves,
  • Send you a motion detection notification to your device
  • Can record video
  • TF card – (trans flash card / micro SD card)(not included)
  • Long battery life – 8 hours of continuous use
  • WiFi or Hot spot connection
  • Operate with Skymee App for remote control
  • Can connect more than one camera to app and network
  • 8 people can login to the app at one time to watch
  • Sensor that is activated by a touch from your or your dog
  • Power adapter 4.2 V / 5A
  • 6 hours to recharge

robot dog camera toy playtime

This long list of some pretty amazing features makes this Owl robot toy and camera one of a kind.   Although there are other cameras that you can use, this one allows for the most functional play time and surveillance while you are away or at home.

How to use

The wonderful thing about this multi functioning camera and toy is that your dog will be able to operate the toy and have it roll around your apartment.  With it’s quiet low noise motor, you won’t even hear it rolling around.

To operate the Owl, there are 2 different ways that you can operate.   First you need to download the Skymee app, which is available for both iOS 8 and Android 4.3.

Once you have the app, you then register and setup an account selecting a password that you can use to access.  Then add the device to your account.   After you have your account setup, you then need to turn on the Owl by pressing and holding the red reset button for 5s to reset.  You then can connect it to your WiFi in your home by entering your WIFI password into the app for use inside the home, or remotely from the app.

The left eye camera then needs to read the QR code of the phone by holding it about 5-10 cm away and wait for the beep. Once you hear the beep, you then click “Next” and wait for a connection.   Be patient as operating can take a bit for the Owl to start responding.

If you don’t have access to WiFi, you can switch the Owl to the AP setting and still operate it using Hotspot where you would select “skymee_c20” to connect to your phone.  This will allow you to still use the robot without internet.

Using the app, you can control where the Owl goes, using arrows right on the screen or by using the orange joystick.  I find that the arrows make it easier to move then the joystick, but it is a personal preference.  They both work to move and operate the camera remotely.

robot dog camera app screenshot


After inactivity, the Owl will go into sleep mode on its own after 5 mins.  To reactivate, you can simply touch the sensor on the top, or by logging back into the app.  This same sensor can be activated by your dog touching the Owl or by the equipped motion detection.

Also, make sure to remove the treat dispenser cover and fill the toy with your dog’s favourite dog treats.  Just make sure the treats are the right size and will fit through the treat dispensing slot.

As the toy rolls around tracking your pet, you can also dispense a row of treats, to get your dog to follow the toy.  This fun and interactive toy is a great way to also take pictures and videos of your dog to see what they are up to when you aren’t there.   You can easily take a few minutes out of your work day to play with your pet via the app from work by controlling it and moving to keep your pet entertained.  Even being able to play a game of hide-and-seek with your dog, which is so much fun.

OWL ROBOT_chart of use

Pros and Cons

Let’s go through some of the pros and cons of this camera.


  • Track your pet when you are away
  • Can take video and pictures
  • Easy to use
  • HD quality picture
  • Treat dispensing
  • Can add more than one Skymee camera
  • Multiple people can access the app at one time
  • 1 year warranty
  • Rechargeable


  • Initial expense
  • Need to have a mobile device
  • Comfortable using an app
  • Somewhat techy to operate
  • May scare some pets
  • Small delay in the speaker when you talk
  • May require firmware updates before use

robot dog camera review screenshot

Hoot hoot

I absolutely love cool gadgets and anytime you can combine a visual security or peace of mind for a dog parent along with fun play time, that is a win-win for me.

The fact is our dogs are left alone in the house when we go off to work everyday, and I am sure at times are completely bored.  Having the option to just pop on an app for a couple of minutes to interact, speak or play with them is a great way to break up that boredom.

Many dogs suffer from separate anxiety when left, and unless you have more than one pet to keep them company, sometimes they just need a friend.  The Skymee Owl is an innovative and cool way to give our best friend a friend of their own.   Let’s also not forget, that the 2 way function that will allow you to talk and interact with your dog.  This alone can provide a peace of mind for your dog that they aren’t alone.
Tech gadgets are always a bit of an initial cost to purchase, but as we know they last and provide us with fun and entertainment.  This camera /toy is that same gadget but for our dog.   I always believe that our dogs deserve to have the best that we can give them and sometimes we need to spend a little to get it.

Owl robot camera CTA

I hope you have enjoyed my review of the Skymee Owl robot dog camera review.  If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you below.

Skymee Owl Robot Dog Camera


Overall Product







  • Monitor your dog from a far
  • Fun to play with
  • Easy to use


  • A tad expensive
  • Need a Smart Phone
  • Need to be a bit techy

16 thoughts on “Robot Dog Camera Review”

  1. Hi

    I got to admit it is an interesting  concept to mix a full functioning camera with a toy, such a great idea. I wish I thought about it.

    I can see how this would work, as it will not only entertain  the dog but also give to you peace of mind. I bet you get a  good view of your dog’s mouth  but then there is much to look at. 

    I wonder why they owl design was chosen, as you think there are other alternatives. A great device  which should entertain  both parties very well.



    • Hi Antonio,

      I wonder why the Owl design as well.  As far as I know Owl’s don’t really have anything to do with dogs.  Must of just thought like I do, that it is just so cute.  Still though good question.

      For me the dual function of camera and toy is what makes this such a cool idea.  Very genius ideas to say the least. 

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and for sharing.


  2. I definitely need an Owl Robot for Messi, I know it is a bit expensive but he is a family member for us, and the memories we’ll have are totally worth it! Can’t wait to see if he gets scared or excited about it. 

    I’m afraid that Owl may be the size of Messi, but I will come back to you with my experience with small dogs. Do you have any suggestions to set it up for little dogs?

    • Hi Nicole,

      Your Messi is going to love this toy.  I wouldn’t suggest anything special for a little dog, other than just do it when you are at home and have some time to play with him.  That way he will associate the Owl with fun!

      I love the video aspect, having lost 2 dogs last year, I cling to all the past videos I have of them and it makes me smile.  Video lasts forever right.

      Thank you so much Nicole for being a part of my post.  Take care and come back to let me know how you make out with Messi and the Owl.


  3. Heloooo dear,

    Thanks a lot for such amazing content here. Wow what a nice and amazing content you have here, I must say I really do fancy these posts of yours. Its really nice seeing something as nice as these, I learnt a lot from it, plan on subscribing to your site, cant wait to see what you have next.

    Thanks alot for the information.

    • Hello,

      That is so wonderful to hear that you enjoy reading my posts and visiting my site.  I really love having people come back and see what I have been up to.

      I try to ensure I have good content and wonderful things to share with my audience like you.  Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.


  4. This super robot owl robot thing is super cool, if somewhat pricey.  But, hey we’re talking about Man’s best friend here.  What a fun toy and way to spy on your dog when you are gone. I can see the benefit of getting your dog up and moving around a bit.  When you are gone, it is hard for some dogs to be at ease.  So this makes a lot of sense to me.

    Does the dog want to chew on this toy, or is the fact that it is plastic discourage the chewing?  What parts are most venerable in everyday use?  You said some tech skills needed, would a beginning tech user be able to program it, or would they need help?  Once programed is it a matter of turning it on and off, or does it have internal timers?  Thanks for reviewing an interesting product. 

    • Hi Sami,

      I love your line about man’s best friend and that we sometimes need to splurge on our dogs.  The great thing about this camera is it does go into sleep mode after 5 mins, so you don’t need to turn it on and off.  It does have an on/off switch but sleep mode is just as good.

      Yes anyone can program this toy, it is much like any small device like google home that is easy to program.  The hard plastic outside, does deter chewing on it. Of course every dog is different. But it is not meant to chew on, it is meant as an interactive way to stimulate your dog and keep them occupied.  Plus a bonus for us, we get to watch them play on video and share it with our friends.

      Thank you so much for sharing your questions and comments on my post. I really appreciate your input.


  5. Heloooo there, I must say that this is a fascinating post. 

    There are indeed so many beautiful dog cameras out there but for me, I will say the robot top camera is the best. It has features that are like no other. I really agree with you that the Skymee Owl is indeed an innovative and cool way to give our best friend a friend of their own.

    I must say that I have fallen in love with this already, even though the price is a little bit too high, I think it’s worth every penny. 

    • Hello Sheddy,

      I appreciate your wonderful comments on my latest post.  I also love the Skymee Robot Dog Camera.  It truly is innovation at it’s best. 

      The best part about hearing your thoughts about this particular product is that you sound like you have done the review work yourself and understand what makes this camera different. The features like you mentioned are really what sets this apart from the rest of the dog camera pack.

      Thank you and take care.


  6. Wow!!!

    This Is just amazing.  I have heard a lot about dog cameras and I have been reading a lot of reviews of different dog cameras but Skymee Owl Robot Dog Camera is just exceptional. Nothing compares to what I have been seeing online.  The features and make up of the Skymee Owl Robot Dog Camera is a plus for me to go and get it immediately.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Jomata,

      I am so excited that you found my review and that you have been doing some research.  There are quite a few dog cameras on the market today, but none offer what the Skymee Robot Dog Camera offers.  With dual use as a camera and a toy, make it one of a kind.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my review and share your thoughts.  I really appreciate it. Best of luck to you.


  7. Wow,

    I must say that I’m happy to stumble upon this lovely article examining such an amazing piece of device known as the robot dog camera. 

    All my years  getting my dog toys I’ve never come across this awesome that i have seen it I can’t wait to place an order for it…my dog jimmy. He will be really happy to have a buddy….

    Thanks a lot for sharing such an informative review..

    • Hi Evans,

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. 

      I know that your dog Jimmy will absolutely love this cool dog gadget. And you are so right, that it would make for a great buddy for him.

      Come back and let me know how he likes it. Best of luck and take care.


  8. Coralie / does the camera move around by the dog? Could the camera conceivably end up under the couch shooting video of all the little cat toys that went missing? If so, how do you prevent it from being moved around?

    • Hi Ted,
      The Robot Dog Camera can be moved by using the app and controlling it much like a remote control car. You can also program a fixed path using the auto cruise setting, that will roam around your house in the specific path you have set. Your dog can also move it, by waking it up by touching it and it will move based on your dogs movements. It can follow your dog, or moved while being chased by your dog. All very interactive and fun.

      As far as it getting stuck under something, it has a sensor for avoiding obstacles. I hope that answered the questions you had about how the robot camera operates. It truly is the coolest dog gadget on the market.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and questions.


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