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Do you have a small dog?  Do you ever carry your dog around with you?

Many dog owners take their dogs everywhere they go.  Anyone that owns a small dog debates whether to carry their small dog with them when its time to go out and about, or put them on a leash.


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If you have ever owned a small dog, you know that sometimes it is just easier to carry that little baby with you then risk putting them on a leash.  Whether you are heading out for long power walk along the river, or an event you are attending where there maybe a lot of people around.  Little dogs can easily get lost in a crowd of people and having to constantly worry about them getting stepped on is certainly something to be careful off.

An easy fix for this issue is to use a small dog carrier backpack for your dog.  This will take away the stress and worrying about your little baby.

Why would you carry your dog

Being the owner of a small dog myself, I have at many times just picked up my boy BOO in certain circumstances.  It is just an easier solution to him being stepped on or pushed around in a group or crowed situation.

Picking him up can protect him from a large crowd of other dogs, or just a large crowd of people.  Little dogs can become easily squished or stepped on.

Now carrying your dog in your arm can quickly become heavy.  Even though they may only weigh a few pounds, your arm can still become tired very fast.  Now if you are at home, then you can just put your dog down and rest your arm.  If you are out exercising on a long walk or out at an event, putting your dog down to rest your arm, may not be the best idea.

Carrying your dog in a backpack or front bjorn style back, can take the pressure off your arm or back very easily.

Using a backpack will evenly distribute your dogs weight which can protect you from an injury.  Your dog may be quite small and not that heavy, but carrying them in just your arm can and will cause issues to yourself quicker than you think.

Just like a mother carrying a small child on their hip all the time, that awkward shift of your one hip, can easily cause a back or hip injury.  This is caused by the alignment you have put your body in to help carry that excess weight.  Any kind of odd alignment that your body is put in over a long period, causes your body to try to adjust in a unnatural way.

Distributing the weight of whatever you are carrying needs to be evenly distributed to avoid any misalignment issues.  This applies to dogs, babies or anything that you plan on carrying regularly for long periods of time.

Your dog definitely falls under this category.  So to avoid any danger for your dog or danger of injuring yourself, it is a good idea to use a dog carrier.  They are made with distribution of weight in mind.

What are my choices in a pack

Talking about getting a pack to carry your dog leaves you with a very different option to choose from.  You can opt for a front pack, backpack and even a side pack is an option.

Which one is the right choice for you?

Deciding which style of pack is right for you mostly depends on you and your dogs comfort level.

FRONTPACK – Some people like the front pack, that allows you to carry your dog in the front rather than in the back. You can see your dog right in front of you. It provides easier access to seeing how your dog is doing as you are out on your adventure.  Similar to a baby Bjorn used to carry babies around.

BACKPACK – One of the other choices that you can choose from is a backpack carrier.  Your dog goes completely in the pack and you carry your dog on your back.  This is the perfect carrier for biking, walking, and even air travel.

SIDEPACK/SIDE SLING – The third option is to carry your dog in a side sling style of pack.  The pack is carried over your shoulder and sits on the hip.   This is great for the really small dogs that don’t weight that much.

All 3 choices work equally well as dog carriers.   There are no right or wrong choices, just one that fits you the best and feels the most comfortable for the weight of your dog.

Features of the different packs

When choosing the right pack, you will want to way the different features of each of the 3 styles of packs.

If you decide to choose the front pack as your dog carrier, one of the best is PAWABOO.   They make a fabulous front pet carrier.  This carrier comes in 4 different sizes, S, M, L, XL.  As long as your dog is under 33 lbs, this carrier will work for you.   Made with breathable fabric that provide excellent ventilation on the side panels to help keep your pet cool.   A sturdy fabric with sponge padding that is completely durable for extra comfort.

The straps are adjustable to set them for the proper weight of your pet.  Equipped with hook, loop and elastic openings make it easy to adjust to fit your dog properly.  This type of carrier is a legs out style of carrier.  On top of all these great features, they come in some pretty cool colors and designs to choose from.


Purchasing the backpack option as a carrier for your dog provides an evenly distributed weight for yourself as it is spread it across your back.  Most of the backpack style of carriers allow your dog to be tucked into the pack with only their head out the top of the pack.

There are many backpack styles that offer breathable mesh panels and a waterproof lining.  They come equipped with very sturdy adjustable straps for your comfort.  Some designs offer an easy access zipper on the top and bottom for getting your pet in and out.

The third side pack option is more for the smaller dogs that don’t weight much over 11-12lbs or so.  Trying to put a larger dog in this style, could cause a strain on yourself and on your dog.  This side sling design allows your hands to be completely free and comes with an extra wide strap, for extra comfort.  The side pack is reversible so it can be used on either side.  Choosing from a few different design options they are made with a really soft cotton or nylon.  These side slings are very easy to clean and are usually machine washable.  Your small dog will curl up nicely in the side sling.

Benefits of a pack

Many people that have new babies carry them around in a pack, mostly in the bjorn style of carrier.  This allows them to see their baby up close and make sure they are good.  Pet parents are now using this same idea for their pets.

Dogs, especially smaller dogs like, Chihuahua’s, Yorkie, Dachshund and Toy breeds love to go everywhere that you go.

Deciding to carry them in a pack has many positive benefits for your dog.  Many studies have shown that by holding your dog, it can lower your blood pressure and provide added strength to your immune system.

For your pets there are also positive benefits, like your dog feeling more secure by being so close to you.   Your dog will feel more confident and relaxed.  It is even more beneficial if your dog is a rescue dog or a dog that has had a trauma or comes from any type of abuse.

A senior dog that suffers from arthritis or any type of physical limitation, can really benefit from being carried in a pack.  This way they aren’t left at home and still get to come along for those fun outings.   As our dogs age it is important to keep our dogs feeling youthful and happy.  Just like people that age, keeping them moving and including them in outings, can keep them feeling young.   Our dogs are no different.

Our boy BOO is almost 16 years old and about 10 lbs or so.   He even as a puppy, loved to be carried around and now that he is older, that still applies.   I believe that by us keeping BOO active and including him with new experiences has attributed to his still youthful behavior.   Sometimes I look at him and am amazed how at times, I can still see that little baby when we first brought him home.


Breaking in a pack

When first trying out a pack for your dog, make sure to use the pack’s built in safety straps.  This can ensure that if your dog when first put in the pack tries to jump out, the safety strap will protect them from becoming injured.

Dog trainers suggest that the first time you try to put your dog in the pack, it is best to take them for a long walk and maybe a game of fetch, to tire them out.  The rule of thinking is that a dog that has just had a good time outside will be more centered when trying to tackle something new, like a trip in a pack.

Anytime we want to try something new with our dog, it is important that we are strong and confident.   Having good body language and a sense of calm will allow our dog to feel the same emotions that we are feeling.  Keep your tone calm and use words that are encouraging.

You don’t want to force your dog into the pack, just put them in lightly and start with a short duration of time in the pack for the first time.  Make sure to approach that first time with enthusiasm and joy.  Being happy every time you want to use the pack, will make your dog feel more comfortable and excited to go back in.

Deciding to purchase a small dog carrier backpack could really change you and your dogs life.  Being able to take your best friend with you when you head out on a walk, bike ride, hike or adventure, will really help create that special bond between you and your dog.

I have given you the goods on a dog backpack and whether you should try using one for your dog.  My final thought is to connect your with a couple of great companies that sell great packs.

PAWABOO is a great brand, and so is KURGO.  These two companies have really thought of everything in a pack.  Adding extra storage to the pack is just one of the genius ideas they thought of when designing it.

KURGO also provides a lifetime warranty on any manufacturer defects for their packs.  Check them out, you won’t be disappointed.




10 thoughts on “Small Dog Carrier Backpack | Cool Idea”

  1. I have always loved to watch movies where ladies carry their small doggies in a baggie and have them all groomed.  It always looks so fancy but I suppose not any  doggie will stay put. I believe it must be trained, maybe I am wrong. These baggies are great for traveling as well. If I had one, I would purchase one. 

    • Hi Linda,

      Thank you so much for your comments on my post.  I also was fascinated by the cool little dogs getting carried around in bags.  I know it isn’t for everyone, but for some people it is really the best solution.

      Training of course is a huge part of being able for your dog to allow you to put them in a bag.  

      Thank you.


  2. Hey Coralie,

    Super glad to know you’re into dog carrier backpacks, I’ve been thinking about that after looking through my pet voyager which is bulky, heavy, and looks like that airport luggage. One thought has crossed my mind though, if my dog has its hands and legs out hanging through the holes in the Pawaboo backpack, wouldn’t it be sore for them after a length of time?

    • Hi Riaz,

      It’s so nice to find fellow dog lovers out there and I appreciate that you shared your story with me.  As with any kind of pack carrier for your dog, to avoid them getting sore and stiff you should start with short little trips.  It’s a lot like us deciding to start walking everyday, we want to go slow and steady. 

      We also don’t want them to dislike being in the carrier, so make every time a positive experience. 

      Best of luck to you and your dog. 

      Thanks you.


  3. Very nice site design.  Also when I looked at your doggy treadmill I could not find a noticeable link that helped me find out what the price was.  I really enjoyed your site otherwise and think it is a great idea.  It is also nice that you included nice pictures of you on the site to personalize it.

    • Hi Chris,

      I appreciate your feedback on my post.  I am glad that you like my site design and the fact that it is so personal for me.  I really put my heart into every post.

      I went back to my GoPet post and fixed up a couple of links.  There was some that still worked at the beginning but a few were not working.  Thanks for pointing those issues out to me.

      Thank you.


  4. Thank you for this article. My neighbour has an older Jack Russel and needs something to carry her easily with her. Is there one you especially recommend for older dogs who have arthritis? Which one do you use for Boo? 

    I’m guessing as long as it’s comfortable it doesn’t really matter how and where you carry the doggie?

    I’m thinking maybe a side or sling one might be easiest for my neighbour as she is an older lady too and might have trouble with a backpack. 

    • Hi Petra,

      I appreciate you sharing your story about your neighbor and her jack russell.  Because she is an older lady I was definitely going to recommend the sling style carrier.  It may just be easier for her to get one.  I think a backpack would be tough.

      For Boo we use the front pack.  He likes to be out front and see what is going on.  It can take awhile for them to get used to any style of pack so being patient but persistent usually works.

      Best of luck to you and your neighbor! 

      Thank you.


  5. This is a good idea. My cousin’s Golden Retriever pups likes to enjoy outdoor activities so much, so bringing them inside a carrier backpack may be a nice way to carry them outside. Will it be too crowded if he brings two pups inside one carrier bag? I think my cousin will like the idea of side pack carrier. He loves side sling bags. Thanks

    • Hello Alblue,

      Thank you so much for sharing your comments with me.   I love to bring my dogs with me for outdoor activities, plus they really like it also. 

      As far as your cousin goes and putting 2 dogs in one carrier, I am not sure that would work.  It may depend on how big they are.  If they were smaller dogs, I would say it make work great.  The key would be to try it out and see how they respond.  Best of luck.




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