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The Snuggle Puppy toy is one of those dog toys that once you have it, you wondered how your dog ever lived without it.   I know it sounds crazy, but truly this toy is a game changer, especially for new puppies or for rescue dogs that suffer from anxiety.


snuggle puppy toy picture
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If you haven’t heard of the Snuggle puppy before, then you are in for a real treat.  LOL!   This toy is made by a company called SmartPetLove and this toy is officially called the “Snuggle Puppy”.

What is it?

The Snuggle Puppy dog toy is just like it sounds, it is a stuffed toy in the shape of a puppy.   I know you are thinking OK, so what is so special about that?

Well, what makes this toy so different from any other stuff toy, is that yes, it is a stuffy for your dog, with floppy ears and is pretty darn cute, but it also comes equipped with a device inside the toy that when turned on simulates an actual heartbeat sound.   SO COOL!

The inner gadget is in the shape of a plastic heart with a button that you hit on top to activate and turn on.   It runs on 2 AAA batteries and can be activated for short times by pressing the button once or for longer times by holding down the button.   The heartbeat can run up to 8 hours long before it automatically shuts off to conserve the batteries.   If you want to use the toy for a shorter time, then you just manually push the button to turn it off at your convenience.

Now if I haven’t convinced you yet how cool this toy is, well then me telling you, that it also comes with a disposable one time use heat pack that goes inside the Velcro opening on the puppy and simulates the toy having real body heat. YUP!!!   It actually heats up the puppy to be warm to the touch.   You heard me correctly the toy can appear to have body heat, much like a real puppy would have.   This heat pack lasts up to 24 hours in length.


snuggle puppy toy


Once you use the initial heat pack the toy comes with, that heat back is disposed of.    If you find that your dog really likes the heat source you can actually buy extra heat packs that you can use whenever needed.

The puppy is completely washer friendly and has a Velcro seam on the belly of the puppy, that hides the inside hidden pocket.   That is one of my favourite things about this toy it is manufactured so well, that your dog will never notice the hidden Velcro seam.   At least my dog Fergus has never found it, and I would call him a “real toy investigator”!   HAHA!

Completely washer safe, it is also non-toxic and safe for your pet.   As always though, with any new dog toy, I like to ensure I am supervising my dog with the new toy at all times.   Just to be on the safe side.



How does it help?

We all know that many puppies actually suffer from severe loneliness and separation anxiety when first brought home when they are left alone.   They often cry, whine, bark or even worse, they become overcome with debilitating anxiety.   Their anxiety can be so bad, that it can even cause them to “shut down” emotionally.

This toy is meant for aiding dogs or puppies that suffer from this type of anxiety.   Touted as the best toy on the market to help solve your dog’s emotional pain and suffering by providing them with comfort when they are left alone.

Some great ways that this toy can be helpful to your dog is by helping with:

  • Crying, barking, and whining
  • Reduces overall anxiety
  • Comforts your dog by appealing to their natural pack instincts of body heat
  • Makes them feel like they are not alone by providing the heartbeat simulating another dog or companion is with them
  • An excellent crate training tool
  • Getting your puppy to sleep through the night
  • Acts like a “Woobie” for your dog, much like a soother for a baby

Dog toys generally don’t offer a list of helpful aids to your dog, to assist with their emotional well-being.   I believe that is what makes this toy such a genius idea.   They not only provide an amazing stuffy toy that your dog can carry around, but the emotional support it can provide is unlike any other toy.

Snuggle Puppy

When it comes to buying the Snuggle Puppy, it comes in a few different colors.   They have a brown and white puppy, a pink one and an all-black to choose from.

Included with the basic Snuggle Puppy purchase is the stuffed puppy toy, 1 plastic heart with batteries included and 1 disposable heat pack.

snuggle puppy toy heart


Once you get the package, you just pull the tab on the heart to activate the batteries.    If you want to activate the heart pack, you just simply snap the pack in half, and it will start getting warm.   You then insert both into the Velcro seam on the belly of the and use your hands to flatten it, so you don’t see it.   It’s quite easy to do.


snuggle puppy toy heat pack


For the new puppy, they offer a more complete pack that includes: the puppy, plastic heart, 3 heat packs, a snuggle blanket, puppies 1st toy and teething toy.   Everything you need to get started is there.

Good and bad

In order to put this altogether for you in a perfect summary, here are the good and the bad about this toy the “Snuggle Puppy”.


  • Well-made stuffy toy
  • Perfect size for your dog to carry around 30 x 15 x 7 cm
  • Provides warmth for your dog when you use the heating pack
  • Unique toy that has more than one function
  • Made in the US
  • Heartbeat is very realistic


  • A little expensive approximately $50 – $70 CDN
  • Not indestructible
  • Needs to be played with under supervision
  • Batteries only last about 14 days if you use the heartbeat everyday
  • Need to purchase additional heat packs for the warmth portion of the toy

Why I bought it?

Deciding what toys to buy your dog is always something that is an individual choice for you and your dog.   The one thing that I always do when it comes time to buy Fergus a new toy, is to do my research based on the type of toy or aid I am looking for.

At the end of December with Xmas just around the corner I was looking for more than just a toy.   Our dog Fergus has been struggling a fair bit with separation anxiety this past year mostly due to the pandemic and us being home so much.    That unfortunately has caused him less time left alone in his kennel.   So now when we do leave him, he gets pretty anxious.   For that reason, this time the toy had to be “more than just a toy”.

After trying many things to help him, I had heard about these companion type toys meant to soothe your dog.   Seeing as getting another dog isn’t an option, this was the best idea yet.   I decided to take the plunge and get him one.


snuggle puppy toy with fergus


Well, he absolutely loves it and so far, it seems to be helping him.    He loves to carry it around with him in his mouth.   When you ask him to get his “Puppy”, he instantly runs for it, it is the cutest thing.   Then as bedtime hits or if he needs to go in his kennel, it always goes right there with him.

For us, this toy is absolutely an amazing decision and the toy is a “Hit”.


Now that I have told you my personal experience with this toy, I can without a doubt say this toy is an excellent choice.   I hope that by me sharing my thoughts on the toy and sharing everything I know about a product helps you make your own decision for your dog.

I like to think that us dog parents know them the best.

Snuggle Puppy Toy

$50-$70 Cdn

Overall Product95







  • Helps with anxiety
  • Durable stuffed puppy
  • Has a heat source option


  • A bit expensive
  • Needs batteries
  • Have to purchase extra heat packs

2 thoughts on “Snuggle Puppy Toy”

  1. This is an adorable choice and what a great product. I wish I had known about this snuggle puppy when I bought my rescue dog as he gets extreme anxiety especially when I am out of the house. I have resorted to giving him my pajamas to sleep with when I leave and that helps. I’ve bought him toys but wow a toy with a heart and heat pack.

    I don’t think the price is too much especially if it does all the things you said. I would do anything to know that my little guy is ok when I’m away. Thanks for a great article.

    • Hi Lily,

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comments on my post. 

      I was really excited to share this post with fellow dog parents, as I know how many dogs suffer with anxiety.  Great idea to give your dog you pj’s when leaving the house.  That way he gets something with your scent on it.

      Your are so right about the product price of the Snuggle Puppy, as I also will go to any length to make sure my dog is happy and healthy. 

      Take care and thanks again.



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