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Have your ever seen a picture of a dog or cat wearing something that looks like painted nails or a nail manicure?  Well it’s not a manicure, it is actually something called Soft Paws for dogs.

soft paws for dogs
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Owning a dog, can sometimes mean that you have to be careful of them doing damage to your house.  We all know that dogs nails are sharp and have the potential to scratch your nice hardwood flooring that is throughout your house.  They can scuff, scratch, and literally destroy your flooring or furniture.

Soft paws for dogs nails is something that can eliminate the stress and worry of your dog damaging your home.


Soft paws was invented in 1990 by a Veterinarian named Dr. Toby Wexler.  He set out to invent a product that would help dog and cat owners deal with their pets need to scratch.  This issue is something that many pet owners struggle with everyday.

Many owners opt to take the route of declawing their pet in order to be sure that their pet doesn’t scratch anything.  Dr. Wexler wanted to help eliminate the need to declaw a pet, saving the pet from enduring the actual medical procedure of declawing.  This can be traumatic to the pet as it is basically like a Dr. cutting off the end of your finger to the knuckle on their paw.

dog paws

A procedure like this has also shown in approximately 60% of all pets, mostly cats, a change in their personality after the procedure of declawing has happened.  The other side of this procedure is that you also leave the pet at risk of not being able to protect itself if it has no claws at all.

Dr. Wexler wanted to ensure that his product was a humane and effective way to help solve this problem.  These were the two most important factors he considered during development.

He also wanted to make the Soft Paws in such a way that the pet wouldn’t even notice that they had the vinyl nail covers on.

More times than not when people find out about using Soft Paws for your pet, people say I wish I knew of this product sooner.   Soft Paws also makes Soft Claws which is just another line of vinyl nail caps.

What are Soft Paws

Soft Paws or Soft Claws are a vinyl covers that you attach over top of your pets nails with an adhesive. They are completely non-toxic and were actually developed by a Veterinarian, so they are completely safe to use.

The way they work, is they effectively blunt the nail, so that there is no sharp edge left to do any damage.

Even if your dog manages to pull off the cover and ingest it, there is no need to worry as it will just pass normally through the digestive tract.

The way they work is they are attached to cover your pets nail completely, so that if they do scratch something, their nail is now a soft surface that doesn’t do any damage.

We all know that dogs run, jump or just simply push off using their paws.  That means that their nailsdig into the surface (IE: your beautiful hardwood or new couch) which is bound to leave marks.

There are also pets that can inadvertently scratch you, your kids, even other pets in the home.  If they have their nails covered, there is no risk of injury.

They can be used on any size of dog or cat, and even can be used on a rabbit if so needed.

Soft Paws

How are they sold

Each package or kit comes with 40 nail caps, the adhesive used to attach the caps, 3 applicator tips and instructions.

They come in a variety of different colors to choose from. Colors like: Blue, Pink, Black, Purple and even in Clear so you won’t notice them.

If you want to make a statement, and purchase a colored one, then choosing a color to match your own maybe in order.  That is of course if you wear nail polish. LOL!   I of course do not, but I still really like the colorful ones.   I think it looks very cool when someone sees your dogs nails first.   It makes them stand out.

Making sure you get the right size for your pet is also very important.  They come in sizes ranging from : S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Soft Paws Exclusive Dog Banner
Be sure to weigh your pet and pick the size that best fits their weight.  As an example of how to make sure they fit them properly a dog that weighs 40-70 lbs would need a XXL size.

With the kits, you get enough for 2 applications if you are doing all 4 paws.   If you are only putting them on the front 2 paws, then you have enough for 4 applications.

Many people choose to put them on all 4 paws while others prefer just to put them on the front ones only.  They are not expensive, so choosing what is best for you is key.

The cost of a kit, ranges from $20-$50, so deciding whether to protect your furniture or floors is very easy decision.

dogs and soft paws

Putting them on

Once you purchase your package or kit, you will need to get ready to actual put them on your pets paws.

  1. First thing you will need to do is trip the tip of all the nails off.
  2. Grab the nail cap and fill 1/3 with adhesive.
  3. Slowly slide the nail cap over top of the nail.

Now that you have the nail caps on your pets nails, make sure to get them to hold still for at least 5 minutes.  This will give the nails time to adhere properly to the nail.  Depending on the color that you have chosen, it may be a bit tough to see how much adhesive you are actually filling the cap with.  To start with it is much easier to get the clear ones and that way it is much easier to see.

Deciding to choose the colored ones, you will have to make sure to try to add the correct amount of glue, as it can get a bit messy otherwise.  You also need to be careful not to push the Soft Paw against the cuticle.  This can cause an irritation, much like an allergic reaction.

Make sure the caps are not to long on the nail.  If they appear to long, you can simply cut the open end enough to get the perfect fit.

Most people worry about whether their dog or cat will freak out with them on or not.  My experience is that they may react a bit at first, but mostly they don’t really seem to mind to much.

The wonderful thing about putting these on your animals nails, is that the nail still grows normally underneath.  They last approximately 4-6 weeks.  Provided they haven’t fallen off by about 8 weeks or so, you should remove them and put new ones on.   I found it easy, just to make a reminder of checking the nails regularly just see that they are holding up OK.

Nail this

We need to remember that all dogs and cats need to run, jump, and even scratch.  This is natural behavior for them. Putting Soft Paws for dogs on their nails will instantly stop any scratching and scuffing up of your furniture, doors or floors.  Just one paw swipe can easily take out a screen door.

Using Soft Paws offers a practical and easy solution to avoid any scratching at all.  The best part of all this is your pet will not be in any discomfort at all.  They will not feel anything at all.

Yes it may take a little bit for them to get used to them the first time that you put them on.  They will adjust to them very quickly, so don’t give up to easy.

Everyone that I have talked to who has used them on either cats or dogs, has nothing but positive things to say about this wonderful product.  They are a real life saver is the most common praise of owners.

Reviews like this one are just some positive comments :

Soft Paws for Dogs - Review Screenshot

As you can see, the reviews speak for themselves.  Get them now to try them out now and save your house from anymore destruction.



Soft Paws


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  • Easy to put on
  • Inexpensive


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  • Need to replace
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8 thoughts on “Soft Paws For Dogs | Save Your House”

  1. Wait..what?! This is a thing?! I just renovated the floors in our RV and took out the carpet in favor of laminate hardwood. So far, I haven’t noticed too many scratches, but I can definitely hear our puppy moving around a lot more and I’ve had the thought that we should consider some solution to keep our floors looking nice for a long time. This might be the perfect remedy I’ve been searching for. Thanks for sharing this and I’ll definitely be bookmarking your site! 

    • Hi Tucker,

      Yes it is hard to believe, but Soft Paws is a real thing. People never seize to amaze me with their dog product inventions.  Someone is always thinking outside the box and coming up with new ideas to help dog owners. 

      I am always excited to find things that genuinely help with our dogs that will make our life easier.  Having a nice place to live especially after renovations that will stay that way for a long time even with a dog is important.

      I wish you the best of luck and thank you for sharing your comments. I really appreciate your interest and thoughts.

      Thank you


  2. Hello! Glad I found your page on the Soft Paws for dogs product. My Siberian Husky is always trying to dig at everything (as if his fur shedding in the warm part of the year wasn’t enough of a headache lol). I am very interested in the Soft Paws for my dog but I am also pretty apprehensive about whether or not I will be able to get my dog to not move for five minutes haha. This might be a hard ask for Korben! Well I will look into it some more, thanks again.

    • Hello,

      A Siberian Husky, wow they are beautiful. Absolutely wonderful dogs from what I know. 

      I am glad that you think you would like to try these for Korben. At first it may take a bit to get them to relax and be calm enough to put them on.  But maybe enticing with treats or doing it when Korben is tired out may help.

      Thank you so much for reading my post and for sharing your dogs story. I really appreciate it.  I wish you the best of luck. 

  3. Thank you for raising the awareness of the effect of declawing! It sounds really horrible and traumatising for the pet to lose its claws.

    Although personally I do not own a dog but I know someone who might need this – a friend had been complaining about getting scratched by her dog! The idea of using silicone cap is great,  it is removable so no damage done. Great product! 

    • Hi Grace,

      Yes this product Soft Paws sounds like the perfect solution to your friends dog scratching situation.  They are easy to put on really do the trick.  I really appreciate you sharing my post.  Your comments are exactly what I was hoping for when I started writing this post.  I wish your friend the best of luck. 

      Thank you.


  4. My sister is a dog lover and I have to tell her about soft paws.
    It really makes sense because you don’t want your pet ruining your furniture and other things in your house.
    She has carpeting and hardwood floors and this could really save her because she has two dogs.
    I know she has said something before about them ruining these furnishings.
    I think she’ll be very interested in soft paws.
    My question is how long do these last?

    • Hi Rob,

      It is very exciting to hear that you already know someone that will benefit from this wonderful product. Being able to stop your sisters dogs from doing any damage to her floors will be a great bonus. Once put on they last approximately 4-6 weeks before needing to he replaced. 

      Thank you for reading my post and for sharing your comments. 


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