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Summer is just around the corner, and we can’t wait.   The sun on our backs, sunny skies and all things outdoors.  Most dogs owners and dogs love summer.  We get out of bed with a spring in our step, just thinking about it. Canada doesn’t always have the longest of summers, so we better enjoy every single day.  Time flies by so fast if we don’t.  What does summer mean for us and our dogs?  Well it means all the summer dog activities we can think of.

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For our dogs this is the best time to get them out of that winter funk.   Just like people during the winter, our dogs can sometimes pack on an extra few pounds of winter weight.  We don’t want our dogs to be overweight, as it can put an extra strain on their bodies and shorten their life.  Making sure our dogs get up and get moving is important.

Start slow

Once the weather starts to get nice, we have a tendency to jump right in with things far to quickly.  Pushing our dogs right out of the gate at top speed, can injure them just like humans.  It’s best to take a slower approach to the activities to start with.

Starting with some shorter walks at a normal walking pace would be a great first step to get going.  Dog’s have a tendency to think that they can go on and on, but realistically that is not the smartest choice, and it’s our responsibility to be smart for them.

shepard hiker
Dog Backpacks

The good thing with dogs, is they can build up their stamina fairly quickly, especially if you are taking them out faithfully every day.

With the short walks under your belt, now you can maybe add in some ball fetching or Frisbee throwing.  Shorter sprints are a good way to get their heart rate up an going.  As always make sure to have plenty of water for your dog, if you are going to fetching for along period of time.

Summer Dog Activities -Chuckit! Flying Squirrel, C

I know my Doodle will fetch til he drops.  He thinks he is super dog! HAHA!   Most important be aware of how much your dog is panting and if he can catch his breath.  Don’t let them overdo it.

Ready for an adventure

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Growing up in Saskatchewan, we always spent a ton of time camping at one of the many beautiful lakes in our province.

Camping is one of those all important ways that we decompress and really get one with nature.  There is nothing like sitting outside having a cool drink and just enjoying nature.   At the lake adventure is around every corner.

Our dogs have always loved going camping.  I think they feel our excitement for how much we truly love to go.  Going camping with our dogs, gives them so many wonderful options of exciting things to do.

rox finn camping
A little game of Chuck-It

We can take them swimming in the lake with a game of fetch the stick, as we toss it in.  Running along a dog friendly beach to play in the sand and swim in the water.

If you are luck enough to have a boat, going out fishing, or water skiing is always a fun option.  Taking the dog with us in the boat is always a great idea.  They can freak out when you actually catch a fish as it wriggles around in the boat.  The dog looks at you with that look of “WHAT THE HECK IS THAT”.  It is just priceless to see their faces.

A dog in a boat, is like a dog in the car.  They have their head outside blowing in the wind, with not a care in the world. Such a  fun time.

Summer holidays

With summer of course, comes summer holidays.  This means days or weeks off work, for some rest and relaxation.

Your holidays are here and now it’s time to get the bike out and start hitting the trails.  Many people have trained their dogs to run beside them on their bike rides while hitting the bike

Personally for me, I was never that coordinated, but I always wish I could have pulled it off somehow.

Summer mornings off work are the best.  It’s one of the few times a year, where getting up early is fun to do.  I see the people out their first thing with a smile on their face riding their bikes with their dog right beside them.

I think they have the right idea.  Maybe I could hire a stunt double for myself, HAHA just an idea.

For you maybe it’s a family traveling vacation to see Banff National Park, or beautiful British Columbia.  No matter where it is you are going, taking your dog with you is easier than ever.  More and more hotels are offering pet friendly accommodations for you and your whole family.  Just imagine you and your dog on the open road.

dog head car

Sounds amazing.  Site seeing along the way, making pit stops wherever and whenever you want.  It’s your vacation, the possibilities are endless for you and your dog.  Dogs love adventures and to see new things and places along the way.

Social day trips

Summer is when our towns and cities come alive.  There are usually events booked back to back to fill out the summer schedule.

Whether it’s the Saturday farmers market down by the river, or sidewalk days on your trendy streets.  All of these social events allow you to bring your dogs on a leash with you when you come.

Walking up and down looking at street vendors checking out the merchandise, having your dog by your side is always more walking

These  events, are usually super busy and full of people with their dogs.  Socializing your dog in these types of situations is fabulous.  Not only does it teach your dog how to behave in certain settings, but it is also mentally stimulating for them.  This gives your dog time to really think about what he is doing, rather than just the physical part of the walk.

Taking some treats in your pocket can also turn these events into training and teaching moments for you and your dog.

Letting people come up and pet your dog while you are out, is also a great way to train your dog to be polite and friendly.

Don’t let the fun end

Summer offers us a wide range of things we can do with our pets, that help them socialize, that are mentally stimulating and are of course physically active.

There are even things in your own backyard, that you can do very inexpensively.  Purchase a cheap kiddie pool and fill it with water for your dog to sit in or just go to cool off from the heat.

Summer Dog Activites - Pool Screenshot

Another option might be as simple as sitting in a lawn chair in your backyard and put the sprinkler on for your dog to run through.  Dogs generally have a fascination with the hose or sprinkler.  This is cheap and easy excitement that you can do together with your dog.

When my dogs were younger, we purchased an inexpensive obstacle course kit that we set up in the backyard.  This was hours of fun for our dogs.  Of course teaching them how to go through the course, can be comical to start, but they do pick it up pretty quickly.Summer Dog Activites - Agility Ads Screenshot


So whether you are going on a road trip vacation, camping, or just staying close to home, there is always something fun you can do with your dog.

My last bit of advice is to please ensure your dog is hydrated and safe from the sun, as dogs can also get too much sun.  Be aware of the sun’s heat and plan accordingly. Keep you and your pet safe.



10 thoughts on “Summer Dog Activities | The Sky is The Limit”

  1. Hi Coralie, thank you for sharing this great article about summer dog activities.  Spring is in the air and the weather is getting nicer here in Colorado. Both me and my dog can’t wait to get out and hit the trails and dog parks.  I love all of your tips, including, making sure your dog has fun but does not get overheated or dehydrated, it’s easy to forget about that when you are having fun. I also like the idea of keeping treats in your pocket so you can turn an outdoor adventure into a training lesson as well.  My dog, Freddie, needs all the training lessons he can get!  Really great suggestions (kiddie pool to for your dog) on how to have a wonderful time this summer while including your dog!  

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story about Freddie. Colorado would be a beautiful place to hit trails with him, I am jealous. HAHA

      Treats is the key for me and my boys for sure.  I think also that it can snap them back in to focusing when they get a little off track.

      Enjoy your nice weather that is coming your way. I love hearing stories about other dog owners experiences. It makes you realize to that your dog isn’t the only dog who needs constant training. Thanks again.


  2. Can’t wait to start summer activities with my dog. I must commend you for taking your time to share this article, you have really done a great job I’m looking forward to have a great experience this summer and I’m sure my dogs are also ready for the adventure. I will keep checking up on your site to get more information.

    • Thank you Dhayours

      It does start to get exciting just thinking about all the summer adventure’s around the corner. I will continue to post relevant dog stuff, because as a long time dog owner, we can all use all the help we can get. LOL. It is a journey for sure.

      Enjoy your summer with your dog and thank for sharing.


  3. Thank you for this informative article. I wish my dog would take the baby steps but not my Shiro. He is a Siberian Husky. Shiro gets super hyper and would run around at the dog park until he is out of breath and cannot breath (sigh…) Let alone on the way to the dog park, I would just keep on pulling the leash (I know now why they make his breed a sleigh dog.) How do you get your dog to calm down? My Shiro even see new guests, he gets out of breath already. Mostly from jumping up and down to say hi to everyone in the room as fast as he can lol Thanks for the tips on keep my dog hydrated. Happy Summer 🙂

    • Hi Nuttanee,

      I appreciate you sharing the stories about your dog Shiro. To answer your question about getting your dog to calm down, you could try grabbing his collar and holding him still til he calms down a bit. Easier said then done, I know, but as Cesar Milan would say take command the best you can and try to be the pack leader. 

      Husky dogs are working dogs, so that could play a part in why he goes so hard. As I said in my post my dog Finn will go til he drops, so I grab him and make him wait for a bit. He hates it, but I worry he’ll drop if I don’t.

      Best of luck with Shiro! Have a great summer!

      Thanks coralie 

  4. Wow the possibilities seem to be endless.

    This is a great article on summer fun for you and your dog or dogs. I do not have a dog now but after reading this I am actually considering getting a dog. My family has for a long time been asking for dogs and I have been denying them because I just have a feeling that after a while all the responsibility will fall to me, and my schedule is very busy.

    I particularly like the idea of taking the dog to the market which I frequent to get the freshest produce. Thanks for stimulating that interest in me again. I will be visiting again to make sure we are doing the best to care for our pets. 

    • Hi Coach,

      Thank you for the great comments about my post. I am happy you are considering getting a dog. Yes they certainly are a lot of work, but the reward is far worth it. It is also good if you can try to get the whole family involved, so you don’t end up doing everything. As a kid, it was nice to learn the responsibility of helping care for a pet. Best of luck.

      Taking the dogs with you to the market, would be a great outing for you both. No pressure, but drop me a note down the line if you do make the decision to get a dog. I can always help if you have any questions.



  5. It’s great to get your dog to exercise.
    Anytime you can include them in your activities is beneficial for your pet.
    For the many outdoor activities, you not only get to exercise, your dog does too.
    There are so many things that can be a part of. There are also so many things you can pick up for your dog and that makes their life easier.
    My sister has three dogs and always takes them to the park and everywhere she goes and they are always very active.
    She always makes sure they are well taken care of.
    Do you recommend any one particular activity that is best?

    • Hi Rob

      Thanks for sharing your story about your sisters 3 dogs. She must have her hands full. I do think that finding a spot that your dog can really run, is the best exercise that I have done. Obviously you know from my post, that biking isn’t something I’m good at HAHA. If you are a biker that would also be super active to burn off that energy.

      Sounds like your sister knows what she is doing and taking her dogs with her is, I think, the key to a successful relationship with your dog.

      Thanks again and best of luck.



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