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In this post I am going to help by giving some information about teething and some helpful teething puppy tips. These tips can literally save your sanity and your furniture.

Puppies are cute, sweet and literally exude happiness.  After the first few hours with your new puppy, you will start to realize that sitting down and relaxing is quickly a thing of the past.  I like to say that once we get over the puppy hearts in our eyes we come back down to reality.  That’s when we realize that with all that cuteness comes really hard work.

teething puppy tips
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I currently have an 11-week-old puppy, so I am deep entrenched in this topic right now.  I don’t think you can really talk about this topic, unless you have been through it at least once in your life.

It has been over 11 years since I have had a new puppy.  Honestly I feel like once you get through a puppy in the teething stage your brain blocks it out and you never remember just how hard it was.

The one thing about puppies is that they lead with their mouth in almost everything they do.  Especially in the beginning of teething.

Puppy Teeth

Your wonderful new puppy is equipped with 28 razor sharp teeth in their mouths.  They constantly are grabbing at your hands, fingers and of course your toes.  Puppies get their teeth very early even as soon as 2 weeks old.

As the puppy grows so do their teeth.  They use their mouth to lead them through their changing environment.  By the time you get them at 8-9 weeks old, they are equipped with a pretty good set of baby teeth.


puppy teething


Those baby teeth start to fall out around 3-4 months of age.  They need to make room for the 42 adult teeth coming in behind them.  This teething process can be very painful for your puppy.  Their gums will get sore and swollen just like a teething baby.

By putting something in their mouths and biting down, they are trying to get some relief to help soothe their gums. All of their baby teeth should all have fallen out by the time your puppy is 6 months old or so.

Must have toys

When it comes to choosing the best teething dog toys for your puppy, it may take a few purchases to get it right.  I have bought a ton of teething toys for FERGUS, but not all of them have been a hit.

The best way to get toy ideas is from other people’s experience with a toy, a store keeper or someone like me who has tried them with their own dog.

Yes every dog is different and they will most certainly have their own choices of which teething toy gives them the best relief.

Here are a few of my boy FERGUS’s ultimate favourite toys right now.

One of the first toys I want to talk about is made by Nylabone.  It is a puppy teething chew called the Nylabone Dinosaur Dental Chew and yes it looks like a blue dinosaur.  There are little nubs along the design of the body, that dig in and help relieve those sore gums.  The shape of the dinosaur head and tail allow him to get it right into the back of his mouth.

The toy is super durable and pretty lightweight which allows him the ability to carry it around with him.  They do make this same style of toy in other shapes that looks like a bone, but he loves the dinosaur shape.



His second favourite chew toy right now is made by Petstages and it is called the Cool Teething Stick.  You soak the toy in water and squeeze it every once in a while.  Then put in a Ziploc bag and freeze it.  The toy’s outer shell gets crunchy sounding and the toy does get completely frozen.

FERGUS likes this toy a lot.  He chews on it for quite a while.  I mean puppies attention span is not great, so that’s why this is good for short period.  Then you take it away re soak it and back in the freezer for later that day.  When he doesn’t see the toy all the time, it also helps keep his interest in it when you do pull it out of the freezer.



The third toy that I am going to recommend is also made by Nylabone and is called the Puppy Teething Ring Chews. FERGUS loves these rings.  This is one of the toys that we put in his kennel with him when we leave him.  He has never been destructive with them and legitimately likes to chew them.  Plus they are easy to put in your pocket and take in the car also.



They are specifically designed for teething puppies and kind of remind me of a set of teething rings for a baby.  LOL! Each shape is different, which allows them to get a new feel with each ring.  These are perfect for puppies with a nice bacon flavor to boot. YUMMY!

DIY toys

There are many amazing puppy teething toys that you can purchase online or from a store.  Sometimes though the toys and the cost of these toys can get expensive.  Puppies are expensive. HAHA!

I love to come up with homemade dog toys for my puppy.  The reality is you need a ton of different toys to get through this difficult puppy stage if you can add a few homemade ones to the mix.

My puppy FERGUS loves toys that make noise when he bites them.  I got the idea to use a plastic pop bottle clean it out and put some of his dog food on it.  Squeeze the bottle a bit before putting on the lid so you can squish it a bit, then put the cap on.  I then put the entire bottle in a long old sock of mine and tied a knot in the end to secure it.


DIY Dog Toy


He absolutely loves the sound of the food in the bottle, plus he bites on the bottle which also makes noise.  The plastic is hard enough that he gets a challenge while keeping him interested in chewing it.  The funny part is the sock isn’t even ripped from him biting on it.  Watching him grab onto that sock and haul it around it the best.

One of the other great homemade teething toys I made is by ripping up strips of an old t-shirt and tie the strips in knots.  If you have denim available, that is even better.  I then wet the fabric in water and put in a freezer bag in the freezer. Once it is completely frozen, I give it to FERGUS and he chews on it.  The frozen fabric soothes his sore gums.

FERGUS actually likes to chew on ice cubes, which when supervised is OK.  Ice is handy and easy to get. Such a simple DIY at home option for your puppy.

Stuffy’s… yeah or nay

Puppies teeth are very sharp and can potentially rip apart things made of fabric or soft.  The funny thing about puppies is even though they can be destructive with a pair of socks or your clothes, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t also have a plush stuffed toy.

A teething puppy is sometimes a cranky, irritable puppy that is in pain.  I have always found with all my dogs, that from the very beginning, they need to have a plush toy with them.  Giving them a stuffed plush toy or wobby, can help comfort them when they are in pain from teething.

FERGUS is no different, he actually has 2 stuffies that he loves.  When we gave it to him of course we were cautious that he didn’t rip or tear the toy right away.  His cow “BLUE” is a real comfort to him.  He does chew or I guess suck on his horns and ears, but not destructively.  Honestly it is more of a soother type toy.

Blue cow

Blue stays with him in his kennel at night and when we aren’t home.  He carries it around in his mouth like a big boy. It is adorable.

The other most recent stuffy, is his big Lamb Chop stuff toy.  Lamb Chop is almost the same size has FERGUS, but yet he still pulls him around.  Then when it’s nap time he cuddles right up against it.

We need to remember that puppies are used to all their litter mates nestling up against them when they are babies, so all of a sudden they are all alone.  This really makes my heart hurt, poor babies miss their families.

lamb chop


Yes your dog can tear and rip a stuffy, so thinking of it as a teething toy sounds strange.  In my personal experience, the comfort they get from the toy far out ways the risk of a rip or tear in the toy.

Let me tell you, this dog parent is pretty darn good with a needle and thread.  There are many of all of our boys toys that have needed a mending or two over the years.  I just look at it as being a good mom.

Parenting patience

Yes teething is hard for us dog parents, but we need to be compassionate about how much their gums really must be hurting.  This stage of puppies doesn’t last forever, and I try to remind myself of that when I start to get frustrated with FERGUS when he is mouthing everything in site.  First breathing and then put something in his mouth he is allowed to have.  This calms me and teaches him that he can’t have everything he wants.

The key with chew toys for teethers is that you need to just keep switching between toys and constantly be putting one in their mouth.  Redirection is key!  The second they go to grab something you don’t want them to have, you redirect them with one of their toys.  Maybe you get them a new toy and they don’t have interest in it right away.  Keep going back to it and reintroducing them to it.  Sometimes it just takes longer for them to realize they actually like it.

With every new toy I give FERGUS, I always supervise him with every toy.  That way if he becomes to obsessive or destructive with a toy, I can step in quickly.  We don’t want our dogs ingesting anything off of any toy.  Playing safely is important.  All of these tips and toys should stop your dog from destroying any of the furniture in your home.

One last thing that I have started to do, is to stick my fingers in his mouth and rub along his gums to find the sore spot.  If they will let you, sometimes rubbing it with your finger gives them some relief.  Now not every dog is going to let you do this, but FERGUS seems to be OK with it.  This can also help down the road when it comes to trying to brush his deal when he is older.

The teething puppies tips that I have shared here are things that are currently working for me and my dog FERGUS. I hope that you find some of these tips helpful.  Best of luck to you and you’re teething puppy.


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  1. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about Teething Puppy Tips | Save Your Furniture and explanations are given.

    The doctor recommended that I take more care of the dog’s teeth. I have read many articles about it but this is the best I have read. I will definitely buy him Cool Teething Stick Chew Toy for Dogs and I hope he likes it.

    Thanks again and keep in touch !

    • Hello,

      I am so glad that you enjoyed my post on good teething puppy toys. It is great to talk to other dog parents that have gone through this same tough stage of puppyhood.

      Any kind of positive help, is so important to a new puppy parent.  Best of luck with your dog and I hope he likes the Cool Teething Stick.



  2. I like dogs, yes I really do, especially puppies.  I don’t like them when they are all grown up. 

    I have never owned a puppy because of this very issue, teething. 

    Now that I have this highly informative article I can start off with a nice little puppy and see how it goes. 

    I really want to own a puppy but I know very little about them, like what sort or breed of puppy to own. 

    Could you advise me on that? 

    • Hello,

      Yes the puppy teething stage can be a very tough stage in their growth to go through.  It is something that you need to go into with your eyes wide open.  You need to have the proper toys, time and patience to be successful.

      Getting a puppy is such an exciting time, don’t let the teething scare you off.  Just make sure that you are going to be around to do the work with your puppy.

      Picking the right dog breed is also super important when deciding to get a dog. Check out my post how to choose a dog breed.  Best of luck to you and thank you so much for your comments.


  3. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us . I love dogs and I have a dog in my house.  I collected a variety of toys for my puppy, and with these toys I look after my dog. I love the second favourite chew toy you mentioned in your article. I will share new experiences with you later.

    • Hello,

      Thank you for sharing your comments on my post, I really appreciate hearing from a fellow dog lover.  They really are the best kind of friend to have. Thanks


  4. I have rescued many puppies, and so I know what you’re talking about, been there many times, lol. Puppies are the cutest and they bring you so much joy, but yes, that chewing 😉 I bought them many toys and also got them donated. I love the dinosaur toy. It looks sturdy and it kind of has the shape of a bent bone, I can just imagine how puppies are going to love it. The toy that you can freeze is interesting. I have never had one like that before, I should try it out. The DIY sock toy you made is interesting too. Did you use a hard plastic bottle? 

    Btw, Fergus is adorable! I also use redirection when my dogs or puppies grab something they are not allowed to have. That method really works 🙂

    • Hi Christine,

      The homemade dog toy I used is yes a plastic 750 ml pop bottle.  They are a bit sturdier than a water bottle and it makes a much louder noise with the dog food or treats in it. Depending on the dog, you may prefer the softer style of bottle.

      FERGUS is a pretty tough chewer, so the tougher bottle lasts longer for him.

      He really does love his frozen toy that I can refreeze a few times a day for him. I think he loves the shape of the toy and uses it to get to the back of his mouth. Works great.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and comments on my post.  Hearing from other dog owners really is amazing. Every story is helpful.


  5. I remember my dog Roxy teething very well. It was the only time she ever bit me.  I was trying to take away a toy she ripped up she got me good. As you mentioned those little teeth are razor sharp!  After a short time out though she seemed to learn her lesson thankfully. My favourite part of the teething process though was when she started losing the baby teeth.  I actually found and kept most of her baby teeth and it crazy to compare the size difference! (shes a rottweiler). 

    I also found it was good to have a mixture of soft and hard things for her to shew on. If her gums were to sore she preferred a stuffed toy.

    • Hi Sam,

      I can totally relate to your Roxy teething story.  They do have that accidental bite now and again that can catch you.  Those teeth are so sharp.

      FERGUS hasn’t lost any teeth yet, but it shouldn’t be too long now. Yes I am sure that we will be saving his teeth.  We did with our other 2 dogs. Just kind of a neat thing to have of them as puppies.  They grow up so darn fast.

      Thank you for telling me your Roxy story, it is always good to hear someone else’s puppy experiences.  Puts things in perspective.


  6. I appreciate your post and it’s at the right time, we have a puppy that just loves to chew on everything. It just so happens to be that we bought some new furniture and he (Pike) is his name, took to chewing on the furniture, so my wife made sure that Pike has plenty of toys on hand to chew on.

    I love your recommendation of chew toys, some of the most common ones we have are worn out socks tied in a knot. I like the idea of the frozen toy selection and getting their curiosity going when you pull it from a Ziploc bag. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Neil,

      Congratulations on the new puppy.

      I am so glad that you found my post when you did. Us puppy parents need to stick together.  It is such a challenging time for them and for us. LOL!

      Fergus really does love his frozen toy.  So far so good with it lasting.  I wish you all the best of luck with Pike.  Great name by the way, it is too cute.

      Thank you for sharing your story and comments with me.


  7. Hello Coralie

    I totally agree that you have to have had experience with a puppy to understand the teething process along with many other things we do for them.

    Your toy suggestions are really great ones, as well as the homemade one with the sock. Fergus is so cute and it’s great that he has different toys and other fur things to love on at different times.

    Can these toys get lodged in their intestines that can cause problems?

    Best regard


    • Hi Audrey,

      When it comes to giving your dog any kind of toy, homemade or otherwise, I am constantly supervising. It is important to me to ensure that he is always playing safe, especially as puppies. 

      I think that’s why having a puppy is so hard in the beginning.  There is always that fear that they will get into something or ingest something. 

      Fergus says thank you for the sweet comments.  Thank you


  8. This is a super good article. My dog SOPHIA and I have never had to go through the teething phase, as she is an adult rescue dog. The tips on soothing sore gums and the homemade sock toy are the best. I really got something from that. A few of those techniques work exceptionally well when I need to protect the furniture. Stuffed animals have been the greatest diversion for SOPHIA and I supervise her closely so she is not consuming the stuffing. In the future, I will certainly look for the Cool Teething Stick. SOPHIA should enjoy the icy sensation during warm summer months. 

    • Hi Jacquelyn,

      Your wonderful thoughts and comments are amazing.  Thank you so much.

      FERGUS already is completely drawn to stuffed animals.  His Lamb Chop is literally as big as him and he still carries it around.  I am happy with anything gives them comfort. Sometimes we forget how hard it must be for dogs of any age to be brought into a new home. 

      SOPHIE sounds like she is a real sweetheart. I hope she enjoys the Cooling Teething stick, FERGUS loves it!

      I have to say though I never thought of using it in the heat of the summer. Great idea. Thank you



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