Top 10 Working Dog Breeds

When it comes to what the Top 10 working dog breeds are, the list is full of amazing dogs. A working dog breed is a special breed of dog that is described as a dog that is trained or bred to work. Do you know which dogs are on this list?

top 10 working dog breed husky dogs
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While most dogs are meant as companions for us, some dogs are actually dogs that have real jobs.   Jobs they do can be things like hunting, retrieving, guarding, herding and detecting.   That is just to name a few of the jobs these dogs are capable of doing.   No matter what job it is, these dogs are very special dogs.

Although working dogs can work for a living, these specific dogs also make amazing family dogs.   It’s not all work and NO PLAY for these guys!   LOL!

Time to tackle that impressive list!

top 10 working breeds border collieBorder Collie

The Border Collie breed, is a breed for herding.   That is their goal in life.   They make the perfect ranching dog, as they herd cattle, sheep and may even herd other dogs.   These dogs are such great herding dogs, that you can often see them herding kids out in a yard or playground.

Some of the qualities that a Border Collie possess that make them such great working dogs, is their loyalty, endurance, intelligence and of course agility.    These dogs are so agile, that in the last decade or so, they are now hitting the competition lane.   Doing things like fly-ball, agility, and working and competing in trials.

Whatever these dogs put their mind to, they concur.   One of the best qualities about this breed, is that they are literally work horses.   They push far more then a 9-5 gig.   LOL!   Some of the characteristics that make them great working dogs, are features like their overall sweet character and loyalty.  This is also what makes them such great family dogs.

Labrador Retriever

top 10 working dog breeds labradorIt’s easy to understand why the Labrador Retriever is on this list, all we need to do is check out their name…..RETRIEVER!   These dogs are awesome at retrieving pretty much anything.   This breed of dog is often referred to as the original “GUN DOG.” Around since the 1800s when English aristocrats used them as bird dogs to retrieve birds on a hunt.

Characteristics like extreme focus, instinct and the need to retrieve, make them the perfect working dog.

Their funny, sweet, easy going and playful nature make them one of the most popular family dogs in the world.   They are great with other kids and other animals.


top 10 working dor breed german shepherd

German Shepherd

When it comes to working dogs, the German Shepherd is used most often as a K-9 police dog.   For decades these dogs are synonymous with hard work and dedication.   Tough as nails, incredibly smart and super durable, is the best way to describe this breed.

Their protection instincts are what makes them such great working dogs, but it is also what makes them such sought after family dogs.   Having a German Shepherd in the family makes everyone safer.   They are super intelligent and easy to train.



Golden Retriever

top 10 working dog breedI like to call the Golden Retriever the dog that is always smiling. They are sweet, lovable and they always seem happy.   Their enthusiasm for life, along with their very high intelligence has always made them a great choice as a therapy or service dog.

As a working dog, they are one of the best natured dogs on the list.   This characteristic also makes them the most common family dog of the bunch.   They are loyal, playful and fit perfectly into any family.



top 10 working dog breeds pointerPointer

Thought to be one of the oldest “gun dogs”, potentially dating back 300 years.   The “Pointer or English Pointer” is a hunting dog used to retrieve game.   Using things like a raised paw and their tail pointed parallel, or simply freezing to help their handler locate the hunt.

One thing that you will notice about these dogs is they are extremely graceful and elegant.   These dogs have unbelievable stamina and very loyal.   The Pointer breed makes a perfect family dog, as they thrive on spending quality time with their family.


Great Pyreneestop-10-working-dog-breeds-great-pyrenees

This breed often thought of as a “gentle giant” and also referred to as a mountain dog.   These dogs are used as hunting dogs, guard dogs and are also great with livestock.   They are known to have a very fierce protection streak in them as well making them superior protectors.

Equipped with characteristics like loyalty, courage, and super smart make them a wonderful working dog.   Their large stature and gentle nature also makes them a popular choice as a family dog.   They are spectacular with kids and love to be part of any family.


top 10 working dog breeds rottweilerRottweiler

The Rottweiler is a strong and fierce dog.   Known very well for their ability to protect livestock.   This breed even goes as far back to the Ancient Rome times.   Often used to drive cattle to market or pull a cart full of meat.   These dogs are very hard workers.

Although one of the more aggressive dog breeds on the list, they are often used in police and military work.

They do make a good family dog due to their even temperated personality and loving nature.   In a family with kids, this breed, will fiercely protect the children to the bitter end.



top 10 working dog breeds boxerThe Boxer dog breed is a strong chested, agile and very high-spirited dog.   Great for hunting and protection, these dogs make a wonderful working dog.

Their goofy often playful manner, has led to them often be called the “Peter Pan” of the working breed.   They are just so humorous and sweet, in nature.  Much like Peter Pan.

They are thought to also have the longest puppy hood with a puppy not considered full-grown til they are 3 years old.   Boxers absolutely adore being part of a family.



top 10 working dog breeds huskyHusky

This breed of dog can be either a “SIBERIAN” or “ESKIMO” husky.   Known worldwide for their ability to pull.   They are famous for pulling sled dogs in the worst of climates.   These dogs are strong, fast, and above all have an amazing endurance that gets them through even the coldest of temperatures.

These dogs are wonderful in a pack of dogs as they are born pack dogs.   This breed is often chosen as a family dog because they are so friendly and sweet it makes them the opposite of guard dog. I guess you could say they are just SO NICE!



The Bloodhound breed is of course a “hound dog.”   Best known as a tracking dog that is capable of tracking any scent. Used in many instances like hunting and of course tracking. Their nose is the key to their amazing ability to be an amazing working dog.

Often used in the most serious of cases to help find missing kids, track predators and dead bodies.   Their noses are so reliable that it stands up in a court of law.

Thought to be extremely tolerant and patient with children is what makes them such an amazing family dog.   They are lovable, gentle and sweet dogs.

Do you have a working dog in your family?  Share a photo or drop me a line and share your family member with me. 



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  1. These are cute dogs and are very dedicated to their line of works. Thanks for sharing the information, now I know more about their breeds. We are lucky to have dogs to protect us and to assist the needs of our society. No wonder they are a man’s bestfiend.

    • Hi,
      Dogs truly are the best thing to have around everyday. Just getting up and seeing how happy they are everyday, puts a smile on my face for sure. I didn’t realize that there was so many working dogs that also make amazing pets. My dog Fergus is 1/2 Labrador and boy he is a smart boy. I can easily see why these dogs make great working dogs.
      It makes me so happy to know that you found my post helpful and informative. Thank you.


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