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Being a huge dog lover, I see lots of dog companies everywhere I look.  Today I came across a company that I really like that I want to share with you.  This company is called TruDog!  Let’s take a look at  Trudog products!

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Every time you look to buy any product for your dog, I like to look at what makes them special.  There are many things that make a company great, but for me it starts at the beginning. Who, what, where and why.

Who started this company and why?

Who are they

This company was founded by a lady named Lori R. Taylor.   She started this company because she sadly lost her best friend Truman her Great Dane at a very young age from a terminal illness.

Watching her beloved dog slowly pass away, left her feeling guilty that somehow she had done something wrong.

She thought hard about what she could have done differently.  Slowly going through all the things that she had done, she landed on what was it that she had been feeding Truman.

We have all gone through the battle of deciding what kind of dog food to give our dogs.  Most dog foods look flashy and claim to have all the good ingredients that we need to feed our dogs.

As we know, not all dog food is created equal.  Lori realized what she had actually been feeding Truman throughout his short life really wasn’t the very best dog food.   Looking through all the current dog food choices, she really didn’t find that super healthy option that she was looking for.   At that moment, she vowed that she was going to change the dog food industry by coming up with her own line of healthy dog food options.

She decided to call her company TruDog in honor of her beloved Truman.   A great tribute to her dog and a cool name for the company that is easy to remember and super catchy.  Plus I love that the O in dog is a dog paw. LOL!

TruDog Feed Me Turkey 14oz pin

What makes there food different

Their food is a completely different take on traditional dog food.  What makes them so different? Well there food is a true raw dog food diet.  No that doesn’t mean that there is any cooking involved at all, no thawing frozen food, or even any need to refrigerate it.

The beauty of this raw dog food diet, is that you can just store it in the pantry, like any other dog food.  It comes in a completely resealable packaging, so once you open it, you can just close up the package.

They offer freeze-dried and dehydrated options to choose from.  All the food is made in the USA and made with real meat.  Using real cuts of meat, and without any fillers, grains, preservatives or color in any of there products.  The food is flash froze which locks in the freshness.

When you get the food, you literally just add water to it and BOOM! the food comes to life.  This food is easy to digest, all natural and hypoallergenic.  You can give it to any dog, puppy, or senior dog.  There is no limit to who can benefit from this amazing food.

What are the choices

Deciding which option is best for you is the next tough choice.  There are a few different options that you can chose between.  As I mentioned, they offer a freeze-dried dog food or a dehydrated dog food.  What is the real difference between the two.

First off freeze-dried food means that they remove about 98-99% of all the moisture content while dehydrated is created by removing 90-95 % of all the moisture.

Freeze-dried dog food also has a longer shelf life than dehydrated.

So let’s break down the kinds of dog food options you can choose from:


This line of dog food comes in 2 different flavors. FEEDME Beef or FEEDME Turkey.

FEEDME Beef – contains real beef meat, beef organs, beef bones, beef blood and omega oils which really helps with your dogs digestion and naturally occurring tocopherols.

FEEDME Turkey – contains ground turkey with bone, turkey heart, turkey liver, herring oil, D-Alpha Tocopherol and mixed Tocopherols.

Just 10 ounces of FEEDME is equal to 2 1/2 pounds of dog kibble.  It comes in a 10 oz bag which is equal to 6 cups or a 14 oz bag that is equal to 7.5 cups of food


This line comes in 3 different flavors for you to choose from and is created using gently air-dried raw premium cuts of meats and fruits and vegetables.

  • Beef and Carrots
  • Lamb and Cranberry
  • Chicken and Rosemary

All 3 flavors offer such a great option of high quality dehydrated food, that you can give your dog and know that this food is the best thing.

Every single batch is tested for safety and quality-guaranteed.  The best qualities of this raw dog food diet is all the amazing benefits of this for your dog.  They start with:

  • NO Fillers
  • NO By-products
  • NO High-Heat Cooking
  • Grain Free
  • Created by canine nutritionists and holistic vets

When you look at the list of ingredients in this nutritional and healthy dog food choice, it really is amazing how this company can create such an amazing opportunity for you to feed your dog the best possible diet you can.


Other Products

Along with providing some excellent choices in a raw dog food diet, they also offer some great add-ons. One of the ways you can boost your dog’s nutrition is to use there FORTIFY ME topper.  This topper can be put on top of any commercial or homemade dog food.  It offers the power of raw nutrition to any meal.

As well as offering full raw dog food meals, there are also some other great product lines.

There is an entire line of healthy treats for your dog :

  • Freeze-dried raw – crunchy beef, salmon, chicken hearts, dried minnow, whitefish etc.
  • Jerky – chicken, venison, rabbit
  • Chews and Bully sticks – dental chews, bacon rolls
  • Hide the pill – in 2 different sizes
  • Treat packs – 9 packs to choose from

Having a line of supplements that you can also give to your dog to help with minor issues:

There is a hip and joint supplement powder or chews, that is called FREE ME.  This product is made without sugar, wheat, corn or soy and can provide some relief for your dogs aching muscles and joints.

For a dog that has separation anxiety, nervousness, hyperactivity or even destructive behavior.   It may even alleviate motion sickness.  This product is called CALM ME.  This comes in a soft chew form that will make it easy to give to your pet either before traveling, or when your dog starts to exhibit any of these symptoms.

SOOTHE ME is just another great product line that assists your dogs coat and skin.  Really providing the first line of defense for your dog against toxins that are in the environment.  Promoting healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Have you ever heard of dog probiotics?  Well this company offers one of the first of its kind.  It is called PROTECT ME.  This helps provide a healthy digestive tract.  There are a billion live organisms per gram, and this ensures that your dog is getting the most of each serving.

They also have made sure to include a dog dental line of products that can help with bad breath and teeth cleaning. There are dental chews, sprays for bad breath and even a GEL ME product that will help support healthy teeth and gums in a peppermint oil flavor.   If you use the GEL ME product within 3-8 weeks, you will start to see a result with regular use.TruDog Dog Food - Products Screenshot

Healthy food wrap up

TruDog as a company, has really thought of everything possible to help provide the best options for your dogs overall health.

Whether it is a full raw dog food diet, dental health, nutritional toppers or digestive health, this company has it all. They have forgotten nothing.

They even have products to help groom and keep your dog clean.  Providing ear cleaning, your dogs eyes, shampoo and first aid products.

A few of my favourite accessories that they sell, are the feeder bowls that are designed in a way that makes your dog eat slowly, rather than gorge the food down.  The other one is a cool collapsible water dish that you can take with you on your travels.  The bowl come in a 5 pack and are very reasonably priced.

TruDog is a company that has hundreds of positive reviews from people that have seen positive changes in there dogs since trying there products

One customer review that states that “before switching to this brand of food there dog was an extremely picky eater. Now can’t wait to eat their food.”

The bottom line is that this company was created from a tragic situation and put there whole heart into really making sure that everything they create is done with your dogs health as the most important target in mind.

This is not a company that just created a product to make money.  They are dedicated to providing healthy raw dog food choices for those parents that want to give their dog the best.  High end quality at a reasonable price.

TruDog Healthy Dog Food

I hope that you enjoyed my review of the TruDog company and all their amazing products.  I would love to hear your thoughts and comments below.





Overall Product







  • Reduce Obesity
  • Healthier coat, skin & teeth
  • Fewer Allergies


  • Expense
  • Risk of contamination for humans
  • Small bags

8 thoughts on “TruDog Products | Truly Healthy Dog Food”

  1. I just posted the link to this article on my son’s facebook page.  Our dog Cyrus is on a raw diet – my son feeds him raw meats.  It would be nice for him to supplement with raw dog food as well.  This TruDog food looks like exactly what he would want to feed Cy.  Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Babsie,

      I really glad that you found my post interesting and that you have shared it with your son.  I know of many people that feed their dog a raw diet.  TruDog is a great addition to that.

      Thank you for your comments.


  2. Hi Coralie!  Thank you so much for sharing the info on Trudog!  They truly have a wide variety of products and HAVE thought of everything.  You have such a talent in relating to your readers and providing specifics that anyone who has a 4 legged friend would be interested in.

    I like the layout of the site and the use of pictures/video from the company.  These are a great support to your content!  There might be a couple of grammar errors, so you may want to just read through it again, but this is a fantastic review of a great company!  Thanks for sharing, I am going to check out their site next!

    • Hi Kareb,

      I really appreciate your feedback and wonderful comments on my website.  I did go back in and correct those darn grammar errors, which I appreciate you sharing with me.

      My whole goal is to connect with people who love their dogs, just like me.  It is easy to relate when you really have a passion for trying to give people everything they may or may not know about owning dogs.  I feel like we can always use help in this journey of being a dog owner.

      Thank you so much.


  3. Great Danes do not have long life spans.  It is about half that of small dogs.  The food her dog ate probably did not contribute to his terminal illness.  However, I commend her on her hard work and dedication to create this healthier dog food alternative.  Often times, new products come from life experience and a desire to create something new or make something better.  Is the freeze-dried or dehydrated option healthier, or is there no difference?

    • Hi Karen,

      Thank you for sharing your comments on my post.  I guess the important thing isn’t whether we think her dog died from the dog food, but just the journey it took her on.  So I agree that whatever the reason was for her poor Truman to pass away a great company came because of it.

      As far as which food is better freeze dried or dehydrated the big difference is just the amount of water retained in the process.  There is also a few different selections of kinds of food.  They both are great healthy choices for your dog, you really can’t go wrong with either.

      Thank you


  4. Hello Coralie,

    Thanks for your informative post and for introducing Trudog.  

    We all become so attached to our pets.  I know that when we lost ours back in 2011, my spouse couldn’t even think about looking for another companion for over a year.  Which brings us to now, with a new companion that brings us much happiness each day.  

    If you think about this, it makes sense.  There is a widespread concern about what we as humans are putting into our bodies.  Terms such as additive-free, preservative-free, no food-coloring, organically grown, and so many more… Shouldn’t we be giving more concern as to what we are feeding our pets?  Either way, they don’t complain… but their bodies must appreciate it if we take the time and effort to learn what options are out there, and how what we feed them can improve their overall health, leading to a longer time by our sides.  

    I would be interested in knowing the advantages of feeding your dog vegetables.  Are vegetables really needed for a dog?  

    All the dogs that we have had growing up, we fed dried food, or wet meat-based dog food.  Do dogs actually enjoy it when you feed them vegetables?  

    All the best to you for introducing an excellent topic for discussion.  


    • Hi there,

      I really appreciate your amazing comments about this topic and my post.  I 100% agree with everything that you said about all the additives, preservatives etc that is in dog food.  Even in our own food, we are all trying to eat the proper foods. It only makes sense that we provide our dogs with the best options as well.

      That is the reason I love TruDog and their committment to good dog food.

      Vegetables are something that both my dogs love. Whether it is carrots, potatoes, or peas, they really enjoy them. As always with dogs, I feed them in moderation. Providing your dog has no allergies and they like the veggies, they are a healthy choice for your dog.

      Thank you for sharing.



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