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There is no secret that dogs love to play.  That is just common knowledge. Let’s also not forget how much dogs love bones. Well how about putting the two things together.  Yes a toy finally combines the two.  Created by a cool company called Cheerble.  The toy is called Wickedbone and is a new and innovative dog toy for your dog. This is my Wickedbone

Wickedbone smart bone toy
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The problem with our dogs always wanting to play with us, that sometimes we just don’t want to.  Maybe we just sat down on the couch, and don’t have the energy to play.  When this happens, the usually fix in this case, would be to just give them a bone to keep them busy.

The downfall with bones is they disappear in your dogs mouth very quickly and are an inanimate object that doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t really entertain your dog, it just distracts them.

Well what if I told you that there was a dog bone that moves, reacts and follows your dog.  Yup, I am not kidding.

This amazing interactive toy will leave your dog in love.

How it works

Dogs love to play and be active.  If we can give them a toy to play with that gets them thinking and interacting, that is a toy we all want.

The Wickedbone is a toy that is completely chargeable.  You simply plugin it in using the included Micro USB charging cord to any USB slot. Once you have it all charged up and ready to go, you download the app. The app is available for download for both iOS and Android.

Wickedbone App Use Screenshot

You simply turn the switch on the bone on. Make sure that you have a fully charged bone before you begin. Switch the app into auto play and the bone will operate completely on its own.

Charging the bone for 1 hour, you will get 40 minutes of drive mode time fun for your dog. If you decide to use the interactive mode or auto play, you can expect up to 4 hours of playtime.

Automode offers a much longer playtime, simply because it is not having to respond to actions chosen by the person operating the toy in Interactive mode on the app. Both modes though will give your dog plenty of play time.

Play modes

I mentioned above that their are 2 different modes that you can play this toy in.  Let’s talk about the cool modes offered and what the major differences between the 2 are.

Both modes are amazing, but each offers a unique experience for your dog to play in.  The 2 modes are:

  1. Drive mode
  2. Interactive mode (Autoplay)

To use the Drive mode function, you simply need to download the App.  Once you have the App, you can then control the bone by using the virtual joystick.

There are 9 available movements that the ball offers.  To operate you control the movement the bone makes on the floor with the joystick on the app and move it around much like a playing a video game.  It is so much fun and completely addictive.  Playing in this mode, is by far the best and most fun way to play with your dog.

You can even make custom actions simply by it reads your dogs emotional behaviour.  Wickedbone actually interprets how your dog is feeling.  Are they bored, content or mischievous, the bone reacts accordingly.

wickedbone playtime

The interactive mode, is an Autoplay mode, that moves based on the touch.  If your dog touches the bone, then it responded.  By setting the sensitivity of the bone, you can get different reactions from the bone.  The bone reacts randomly in this auto play mode.  This is the perfect mode, if you are trying to make dinner, or just relax on the couch.

As an example of this interactive mode, if your dog runs away, the bone will roll behind to follow.  The opposite reactions happen.  If your dog turns to chase it, then it reverses and rolls away from your dog. Wickedbone will even tease your dog relentlessly, if they stop and ignore it.  Then the second that your dog gives in and touches the bone, it responds with a completely different maneuver.  This type of reaction, is what makes this bone so much fun for your dog to play with and constantly keeps them engaged and coming back for more.



If fun isn’t the only thing you are looking for in a toy, then you will love that this toy is also a great tool for training. YES you heard me right!!  Who doesn’t want a toy that is fun and also a great training tool.

How can you use it for training?  The way you use it as a teaching tool is in its ability to be used to teach your dog how to catch a moving object.  With this bone moving at a max speed of 3.5 m/s and at a distance of 20m, your dog will need to pay attention.  Just like any training exercise, if you are in control of the object by turning it on and off, your dog will need to learn to stay focused while being patient waiting for it to move.

One other benefit to using this is that by operating the toy in a response training way, the bond between you and your dog will grow immensely.  Many people believe that only exercising your dog helps create that bond.  I believe that playing can also help grow that bond.

When we take the time to interact with our dogs and their toys, their joy becomes infectious.

The name says it all Wicked Ball. It will be your dog’s favourite toy in minutes.



Wickedbone has many features that make this toy such a unique and special toy.  I thought laying out all the features of the toy in an overview, would give you a quick snapshot.

Wickedbone – Cheerble Screenshot


  • 2 different Play Modes
    • Drive mode is you driving the toy using the App
    • Interactive mode (Auto-play) where the toy moves on its own and will move to react if your dog touches it
  • Two way communication – The bone teases your dog to play by moving on its own until your dog reacts
  • App control
  • Replaceable wheel covers
  • Easy to clean – simply remove the tires and cover by hand or in the dishwasher
  • Tires and covers made from FDA food grade poly carbonate plastic
  • Strong and soft at the same time
  • Long life battery built-in 470Mah Lithium polymer battery
  • Rechargeable using USB included cord
  • Customize the color of the wheels between (lime green, light blue, pink, or teal)
  • Engaging for your dog
  • Can be used as a training tool
  • FUN!
  • April 2020 cost is approximately $99 USD


  • Must be supervised
  • Requires a smartphone
  • Smartphone needs to be close to the bone
  • Need to remember to plug in to charge
  • Maybe a bit heavy for smaller dogs
  • Need to be a bit techy as you need to download the App

Wickedbone Smart bone - Review Screenshot

Wicked roll-up

All dog parents buy toys for their dog, but what is the right toy to buy.  There are so many dog toys jammed on the market today, it is hard to know which one is a good one.  You want to make sure that if your are going to spend $100 its worth it.

What makes the Wickedbone smart bone toy so special is the almost robotic nature of the toy.  In this product line of interactive, smart dog toys, Wickedbone is on the top of that list.  The innovation and smart technology of the toy lets your dog have a different experience every time they play with the toy.  Different maneuvers ensure your dog will stay engaged for a long time and not get bored.  Add the ability to change how the toy is used between modes, is a completely standalone toy in this market.

Sometimes we need to spend a little more money on great toys for our dogs so stepping out of the box and into a bone is a great way to do that. Decide now to

Wickedbone smart bone dog toy

I hope you enjoyed my review of the Wickedbone Dog Toy.  I would love to hear your thoughts and comments below.




Overall Product







  • 2 Play Modes
  • Interactive
  • Can control


  • Need a Smart Phone
  • Have to charge it
  • Needs to be supervised

12 thoughts on “Wickedbone Review | Wicked Fun!”

  1. Wow! This is super great. For me, I think it’s very helpful for dog owners like me who isn’t always around to play with their pets, at least it will feel the space.

    I love the features especially the fact that it moves on it’s own which will keep the dog busy.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hello,

      I appreciate you taking the time to read my latest post on the Wickedbone. I also love the fact, that the toy can operate on its own.  This gives us dog parents a bit of a break from playing. 

      Then if we change our mind, we can quickly jump back in and play along.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  2. Hello there, I love wickedbone because of its Automatic & Intelligent features.  It allows you to \choose between interactive auto-play modes or control the puppy toy by using joystick in drive mode via the app.

    It can automatically adjust how it reacts based on different actions of your dog! Really a great post. 

    • Hi there,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on my post, I appreciate it.  Yes Wickedbone truly is the best interactive toy on the market. Dogs absolutely love it!

      Take care and thanks


  3. Technically, I still have to look after the dog even after all of this. Well, I guess it is almost as close as playing with the dog but without using my hands though. I am going to buy this Wickedbone having read the details here.

    I’m obliged to because I think that it will really help me to relieve the stress just in case the dog wants to play.

    • Hi Riley,

      Yes isn’t it just great, that your dog can play alone with toy, or you can join in if you want to.  I am excited to know that you are interesting in getting this very cool toy for your dog.

      Someone is going to be very happy…. I think it will be your dog. LOL!!

      Best of luck, and thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  4. Technology has really advanced over the years, how possible would one ever believe that with time technology would make such an amazing piece of device for our pets and dogs in particular.

    The Wickedbone smart bone is really worth the stress and price cause there are countless occasions.  I neglect my dogs attention mostly when in get back from the office tired after a long day duty, getting him this toy will definitely be a way to compensate him

    • Hi Evans,

      I really appreciate your input on my post. You are so right that dogs toys sure have changed.  Gone are the days where you throw them some junkie toy and walk away.

      Now companies actually consider that dog parents want to join in the fun.  Our dogs have never been happier.

      Thanks for being a part of my latest post, I appreciate it.


  5. thank you for giving us the opportunity to shared from your knowledge and experience. This wicked bone is a great device.

    I have seen it in use before at a friends place but i did not know what it was at that time. i would need to get one for Scubby since it has so much benefit.

    Thank you very much

    • Hi Smoochi,

      I am so glad that you enjoyed reading my post.  The Wickedbone is very cool and so much for dogs to play with. I have to say they also excite us dog parents just as much.

      I am sure that Scubby would be truly love this toy.  Thanks again for sharing your thoughts on my post.


  6. I think it’s very helpful for dog owners. Technology has really advanced. Technology would make such an amazing choice of device for our pets. Nice Post here thanks for the post.

    • Hello,
      Thank you so much for your feedback on this post.

      Technology truly has been a game changer for so many things including dog toys. With amazing and interactive dog toys like the Wickedbone, the sky is the limit for how much fun they can now be.


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