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There are tons and tons of dog companies out there that offer dog gear and accessories for your our furry friends. The thing that separates one company from another is hitting a niche market and quality.  That’s why today I wanted to talk about a company that is doing things a little differently.  The Wild One dog company is who I am talking about.

They believe that no product is worth buying for your dog unless it has a valuable function.  Not just pretty looking.  Making dog parents life easier and yet fun is their motto.

wild one
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Wild One

Their story starts in Brooklyn in 2017 as a startup company.  The 4 co-founders came together to create Wild One.  A combination of design and a huge love for pets brought these 4 together.

They are Minali Chatani co-founder and Head of Brand, Adam Danker-Feldman the president, Bill Wells Head of Operations and Finance, and Veronica Becchetti who is Head of Production.  All 4 bring a great skill set to the group.  Whether it’s Veronica’s amazing supply chain skills or Minali’s design prowess and marketing background.  Each co-founder provides a link in the chain that is Wild One.

Starting Wild One came from the realization that the pet market had a hole in it.  The hole is the specific niche of dog products.that provides a chic boutique lifestyle brand and yet very core functional products.  Not just a product that is thrown to market that looks good, but doesn’t have much function.  A higher end niche for dogs.

The company officially launched in September 2018.  Then not a month later opened a brick and mortar star in Manhattan, N.Y.

Walking Kits

When Wild One first rolled out the company, they launched a product line that consisted of 9 core products.  Right from the very beginning, their products that they have developed very minimalist yet aesthetic.  Chic yet functional!  Really the top of the food chain in high end products.

The number one product that Wild One is most famous for is their Walking Kits.  They have 2 different one: The Harness Walking Kit, or the Collar Walking Kit.  Both of the Kit includes 3 items, and all 3 items are everything that you need to take your dog out for a walk in high class style.  First up is the Harness Kit which includes :


Their harnesses are very light-weight, stretchy, durable and nicely cushioned for comfort.   Equipped with multiple carbon coated steel D ring hooks for leash attachments.  The straps are nylon woven for sturdiness.

Made from non-toxic components that are safe for pets along with human grade mountaineer gear makes this harness standalone.  Soft to touch and designed in a way that ensures the strapping is never rubbing directly on your dog’s skin.  The 2 dual attachments located on your dogs back make put the harness off and on a breeze.  Once the harness is on, dogs find it extremely comfortable.


The smart design of their leash allows for easy adaptable to changing environments.  You can easily turn the leash, into a handle, by attaching the end hook to the closest D ring.  If you want a bit more length than that, you attach the end hook to the D ring in the middle of the leash. Effectively cutting the leash length in half.

This design is clever and very functional for dog parents on the move.   Made with a flex poly straps, very sturdy hardware and carbon coated steel D rings.

Coming in 2 sizes:

STANDARD: leash length is 5.5 feet, the short attachment length is 3.25 feet and a 3/4 inch strap width.

Dirt and color resistant

SMALL: leash length is 4.25 feet, the short attachment length is 3 feet with a 1/2 inch strap width.

Wild One walking kit


An elastic attachment on the top of the bag carrier, makes this easily attach to any leash.  The container has an easy twist top that makes it a snap to refill. Equipped with a full roll of 10 eco-friendly poop bags.

Next up is the Leash Kit.  The only difference between this kit and the Harness Kit is this kit comes with a Collar instead.


The collar or strap is made from that same flex-poly.  This makes them very durable, easy to keep clean and of course comfortable. A zinc alloy buckle for adjusting the size and a coated carbon steel D ring for attaching the leash.

So whether you need a harness or collar for your dog, both kits come with either the collar or harness, leash and poop bag carrier.

Priced only $10 apart, the Harness Kit is approx $100 USD and the Collar Kit is around $90 USD.

Now if you aren’t interesting in a full Kit, you can buy each product individually for varying prices.

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Wild One makes 2 pretty amazing pet carriers, the Air Travel Carrier and the Commuter Carrier.

  • The Air Travel Carrier – is super modular and very comfortable air travel carrier.  Truly labeled your pets home away from home. Designed to fit pets that weigh no more than 16 lbs (7 KG).   Equipped with mesh breathable walls and dual use shoulder strap / leash strap.  The interior cushion opens up and folds out to make a quick easy dog bed You can choose your color between, Tan or Black. Approximately $125 USD.
  • The Commuter Carrier – This carrier a bit larger and will handle a dog up to 25 lbs and under.  Designed with a structured cross polyurethane base and seams.  Also, equipped with flex poly coated nylon straps in an all weather design.  Has a cushion bottom inside which makes it very comfortable and with cool cutout on the end for easy viewing.  Choose between 3 colors: Tan, Navy and Black.  Approximately $125 USD.


Just like with most of the Wild One’s products, they also package their toys into a Kit.  The Kit is of course called the Toy Kit. LOL! In this kit you will find 3 all-natural toys: a tug, chew and toss toy.

  • Triangle Tug – The tug is made up of 2 separate shapes entwined together.  A triangle shaped 100% rubber that is reinforced for sturdiness.  Then a circle made of 100% natural cotton with reinforced stitching and 7x looped seam.  Is tested to meet all food-safe standards and BPA free.


  • Bolt Bite – This toy is shaped in a lightening bolt design. Made from 100% natural rubber and is also food-safe standards and BPA free.  The unique shape of the toy creates 2 separate elbows, which are great for getting chewing torque.  Whether your dog is super chewer or a new puppy, this toy is great for any dog.  It can also be frozen for extra challenge.  When you dog is all done chewing, you can simply put the toy in the dishwasher or wash with soap and water.


  • Twist Toss – Made from 100% natural rubber, BPA free and tested to meet all food-safe standards.  The rubber makes this bouncy and fun to play or toss.  You can even fill the inside of the toy with your dogs favourite spread and freeze it. Once you are ready head to the park and your dog will follow you everywhere.

Wild one toy kit

The Toy Kit is approximately $65 USD and comes in 4 colors: Navy, Blush, Red and Tan.  You can also buy each toy individually for various prices.

On top of all of these Kits I have mentioned, they also have a Grooming Kit, Starter Kit and Home Kit.  Each kit offers other options for your dog, whether it being some amazing Eucalyptus bio-degradable grooming wipes or a complete Starting Kit with bowls, a bed and more.   They have a Kit for every dog parent.

Doing Good

Wild One is able to constantly improve their products and branding, by priding themselves on staying in touch with their customers wants and needs simply by listening to their feedback.  By also providing their consumers with a wonderful shopping experience.  They allow their customers to mix and match based on their needs.

Their pure commitment to community, giving back to help animal rescues and providing sustainable products makes them a company that you want to stand behind.

Wild one walking kit

A company that gives back, is always a company, that I want talk about, promote, and own. Wild One’s commitment to giving back is second to none.  They have partnered up with Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue to donate part of every single purchase to help rescue dogs find homes.  The money they give is used to rescue one dog a week.  52 pups in 52 weeks is what they call it.

This partnership is a major example of why supporting Wild One that you can feel good about.

On their website Wild One’s each week also created a series called “A Pets And Their People”.  They take one member of their Wild One community and share their dynamic duo story of them and their dog.  It really is a cool page to check out.

Overall the commitment this company has to giving back is awesome!  Their amazing chic products combined with the cool Kits that they put together makes them a company to say high five too.  I think they are fantastic.

I hope you have enjoyed my review of Wild One Dog Company.  I would love to hear your thoughts and comments below.

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Wild One


Overall Product







  • Trendy
  • Functional
  • Kits are handy


  • A bit expensive
  • Limited colors
  • Carriers are for small dogs only

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  1. Great products from a great company. it’s always great to find that one company that sets itself apart from the competition. 

    In any capacity, when I find that one company that separates itself from the pack it makes me a customer for life. It’s because these companies always care not just about their current quality, but always innovating to find new ways to improve it, and Wild One definitely does this with their array of pet products. 

    Definitely a great company for any pet owner to buy product from. 

    • Hi Todd,

      You are so right, quality is important, but once I hear they give back, I am a customer for life.  It is also great for marketing, let’s be honest.  Good deeds are always passed on by people by word of mouth.  

      Thank you for sharing some thoughts on my post, I appreciate you taking the time. 


  2. I am blessed to see such an informative article. I appreciated this post very much. Here you have discussed in detail about Wild One Dog company. 

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  3. What a wonderful company. I love the products you showed on your website that they make. We have several rescue dogs in our family and let me tell you they are the best pets.

    I was wondering about some of those toys, will some of them stand up to a bigger dog or are these just for the smaller dogs? I am going to share this with everyone in our neighborhood because we all have dogs!!! 

    Thank you for sharing Wild One Dog and the things they do for dogs.

    • Hi Zach,

      It’s great to hear such positive comments on my post. Thank you for that and also for rescuing dogs.  Great job. 

      The good thing about Wild One toys, is their durabability.  whether you choose the tug toy or bolt, they will withstand almost anything.  I really love the tug toy.  My dog FERGUS loves to pull and play tug. 

      There toys are meant for any size and chew strength. 

      Thank you.



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